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CAPITOLA, Calif. (KY) – Shops on the beach are expecting big business over the Memorial Day weekend.
Capitola is no exception, and it’s a much-needed relief for businesses hit hard after flooding devastated the village.

“We’re going to open as fast as we can to keep the minimum opening,” said Dominique King, owner of My Thai Beach Restaurant.

Visitors flock to the Central Coast for Memorial Day weekend hoping to find some of the sun and beauty that comes with local beaches.

A few local visitors who heard the town was a victim of this year’s storm were shocked to see how quickly businesses were able to reverse that closed sign.

“It’s great to see everything back up and alive. Yeah, it’s a good restoration,” said one visitor.

Wenjun Ma, a visitor from San Jose, said, “No, I didn’t expect to open an answer. I was surprised that they opened.”

Many businesses say opening before Memorial Day weekend was their goal from the start because they hoped foot traffic would be as heavy as it has been in years.

“It was less than people expected, but that’s okay, again, you know, I think people are still getting the news that we’re reopening,” King said.

Some, placing the blame on the unexpectedly gloomy weather. “It’s been a little quieter than some past Memorial Days,” said the Paradise Beach Grill manager.

“Even if this weekend is encouraging, it is not the former honor. But we hope that once the weather improves, once the news comes out, all the businesses here will reopen,” he said. .

King said they received no funding, ultimately delaying their recovery process.

“We still have a few more things to do and we’re still working on it. But again, funding is limited, so we have to wait,” King said.
Although business owners say the state has yet to help, the city has helped them recover by issuing permits for business redevelopment.

The City of Capitola is expecting construction on Capitola Wharf to be completed by the summer of next year.


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