How to get more health packs in Gotham Knights

Learn how to get extra health packs in Gotham Knights and other helpful tidbits.

Gotham Knights It has its fair share of criticism, but nothing as basic as buying health packs can justify the game’s lack of tutorials. Violent Gotham Knights Players need all the health to destroy the enemies scattered in Gotham City.

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While Gotham Knights It may not clearly show how. Players can earn extra health packs., it’s not that complicated. Here’s everything you need to know about getting extra health packs Gotham Knights And other useful tips.

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Getting more health packs in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights Gotham University

There are two ways players can go about getting extra health packs. Gotham Knights; They are as follows.

  • The fastest way to get more health kits is by going back to the belfry. When you return to the belfry, the chosen hero will be fully healed and will receive seven health kits for the next night. Unfortunately, this option isn’t viable for players who need health packs on the same night.
  • Players who want to continue patrolling but need health packs should keep an eye out for an ambulance. Once an ambulance is found, players will find a chest that can provide an additional health kit.

Ambulances are typically available at crime scenes, but don’t wait too long after solving a crime to avoid conflict with the police.

  • Players cannot access ambulances during missions, thus preventing them from obtaining additional health packs. For this reason, Players should use their fighting skills properly To download large brutes. Once an enemy hit is defeated, they will drop health items.

After completing the patrol training, you will find villains committing crimes in Gotham City.

How to use health packs in Gotham Knights

Players can use health packs by pressing the following buttons.

  • Right on the d-pad on the PlayStation controller.
  • On the D-pad on the Xbox controller.
  • Z on the keyboard.

Alternate with health packs in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights Batgirl Spotlight

Players struggle to stay alive. He should change to Batgirl Instead of looking for health packs.

Batgirl’s skill trees are full of handy abilities that boost her base HP and defense and provide passive healing. Eventually, players will be able to unlock an incredibly handy self-healing ability during the toughest battles.

Gotham Knights Available on PC, Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5.

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