How to network for your next tech career


Technology has had a major impact on the type of work people do and how long they stay at it.

Before now, people could stay at work until retirement, this has changed now, because roles are constantly expanding.

Networking is one way to stay ahead of the game, it gives a person the opportunity to connect directly with individuals who can find work, opportunities and advice, especially when it is conducted professionally.

Networking is critical in the tech industry, often roles and vacancies are not publicly advertised, they are filled through referrals and other times poaching.

Also, strategic networking helps to position a personal brand, which increases credibility and visibility
It is useful when looking for new roles.

Below are some networking strategies you can employ for your next tech job.

Attend tech eventsThe tech industry is famous for its many events ranging from meetups, conferences and workshops.

Many tech professionals attend these events, which makes it a great way to network. here you go
Talk to these senior executives, talk about what you’re doing and let them know you’re open to future engagement.

Also, 5 networking tips for an effective meeting

Join communitiesThese communities can be offline or online communities, so make sure you are an active participant when you join.

Opportunities are often shared within communities and this helps one stay up-to-date in the industry.

Volunteer. Always be open to volunteering to use your skills and contribute to open source projects or mentor others.

Volunteering is a great way to secure your next tech job, helping you gain new experience, exposure and credibility.

Engage people personallyMeet People, this will help you network with employers and industry leaders.

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This can be difficult to do, but you can start by asking for an interview or asking them to share their thoughts on some industry issue. Remember, these people are busy and make sure you’re engaging them in a meaningful way.

Have a digital presence: This is a very important step, a well-structured digital presence. Follow thought leaders and leave well-constructed comments on industry posts and engage people with meaningful posts.

Having a personal website is also a step in the right direction. A website helps you showcase your knowledge and skills professionally, share testimonials and reviews, and list your services.

Following the networking tips mentioned above can help increase one’s chances of securing the next tech job.

Remember that networking isn’t just about exchanging connections, strive to make meaningful connections, and always connect as much as you can.

To help you out, setting a networking goal will keep your networking activities in perspective. Define the type of people you want in your network, decide what events to attend, and follow through on your plan.

Also, be patient and persistent, some people may not want to engage with you. Don’t worry, keep looking, eventually you will find your mentors when the opportunity arises.

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