Howard Street development to bring more business to downtown Biloxi


BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) – In downtown Biloxi, business is booming thanks to existing facilities. However, things are about to get busier for Howard Avenue.

Black Line Corporation President Kempton Bhatia said the Sanger Theater is in its final stages after years of renovations.

“Running Senger and hosting events will be good for the city,” Bhatia said. “It’s one of the most historic buildings in the city.”

Bhatia said the $4 million project will include replacing rotting walls and removing the old fly tower. Now the workers are replacing the stone that was thrown on the exterior of the building, installing packing and removing the scaffolding.

While Bhatia said there have been delays due to hurricanes and working with design teams, he’s excited to be a part of downtown’s revitalization.

“When you’re talking about the revitalization of the downtown area and all the other developments and activities that are happening there to restore that area and make it a center for commercial entertainment and other things, Sanger will be very important to that. ,” he said.

Singer’s theater is not just an integral part of the process.

Lee Young, co-owner of the Bark Building, said the $2 million redevelopment will bring more life to the area.

“There’s been a movement to get people back downtown instead of the typical apartment,” Young said. “People now like to walk, they like to ride bikes, they like Uber and they want to be where everything is happening.”

The mixed-use building will include 30 apartment units, retail and event space, and a restaurant.

Young said this will bring more jobs to the area and keep businesses here busy.

“We’ve been given nothing but praise, so that makes me very happy and I hope the community will be very happy when they see the final product,” he said.

According to Young, the apartments should be ready for rent in nine months and the retail space in one year.

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