I don’t know about fashion trends, nor do I try to research what’s in/what’s in.


Mumbai: For Somi Ali, fashion completely depends on what one is into and what one feels comfortable wearing no matter what. The actor-turned-humanitarian, who now runs the NGO No More Tears, explains why fashion means so much to her.

“My comment about fashion may seem contradictory, but this is because I was attending a fashion show a few months ago and I had to rush when the police called me and told me I was expected to be in the ICU. The raped boy and his mother speak only Hindi. So, for me, it’s about where I’m going and what event I’m attending. Call me vain, but I enjoy wearing it because most of the time I can’t be glamorous because of an NGO. So I always wear jeans and a T-shirt when I’m working in the field,” she says.

Fashion trends change every season. I never knew about the trends and never tried to research about fashion and what about fashion. However, when I’m at the mall, I buy what I feel looks good. If I participate in a magazine photo shoot, the clothes are always provided with the accessories,” says Somi, her comfort wear is pajamas.

“Believe it or not, if society didn’t see me as completely unprofessional and crazy, I’d have a closet full of pajamas. So it’s my comfort suit that one wears to bed,” she says.

If she gets an acting offer, ask her, would she be comfortable playing a character whose fashion sense is the complete opposite of hers? “Absolutely, one has to, otherwise the audience will see you as a complete joke and no matter how good your performance is, if your character is not dressed according to the role the audience might assume. There is no time and you look very unconvincing as an actor,” she says.

Sometimes the characters are so different that the actor is expected to dress as the character for all public appearances until the show opens. Responding, Somi added, “No matter what a celebrity wears or does, he is bound to be judged, so he usually laughs at it. And now that our world is dominated by social media, people can comment on your every move, let alone what to wear on a particular occasion. If there was a barometer of what and where all the inhabitants of our planet spend their time, the social media presence of Generation Z and anyone with an Internet connection would surely be very high.

People, sometimes, go overboard following fashion trends. “I don’t like sitting on the judging panel, so that’s not my place to talk. I don’t care what someone wears or how much or little they wear. That is none of my business and absolutely not my prerogative. Also, if a person feels comfortable and confident in the clothes they wear, why bother, I am really confused,” says Somi.

“One can never go wrong with a nice black dress,” she smiles.

So what do you look for when deciding what to wear? “For me, it’s how I feel when I look in the mirror and what I’m always wearing depends on what event I’m attending. “I care about fashion,” she said.


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