Ibermedia launches Next Fund, aiming to take animation to a new level of technology


To grow the animation sector across Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Italy, Ibermedia has opened applications for further funding for Ibermedia, a plan designed to take animation to a new technological – and artistic – level in the region.

Providing a much-needed boost to innovators and manufacturers eager to explore the potential of new technologies;

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The initiative, presented on Friday May 12 at the Canary Island Curino Awards, is offering grants of up to €150,000 ($163,500) with a grant program worth up to €95,000 ($103,550).

This ambitious initiative aims to encourage producers and creators to explore new technologies within the framework of cross-border cooperation, which is the essence of all Ibermedia funding.

The new plan is supported by a number of key partners, including the Curino Prizes of Ibero-American Animation and the Ibero-American Animation League, which have a significant presence in the region’s animation sector.

In addition, the program will receive financial support from the next generation European recovery, transformation and resilience plan, in particular the Spanish AVS Hub of Europe plan, launched in March 2021, to plow 1.62 billion euros ($1.77 billion) into the Spanish audiovisual sector, mostly through credit facilities and tax breaks. .

The call for applications opened on May 12 will run until August 21. Projects eligible for funding include prototypes, teasers, pilots, short films and video clips as long as they meet the minimum five-minute duration and employ innovative technology. For animation or open source tools in their development.

said Jose Luis Farias, executive producer of the Curino Awards and one of the fund’s architects. DifferenceHe wants the applicants to “make a difference in the way animation is done.”

Ibermedia Technical Unit Coordinator Victor Herreruela supports this idea. Funding encourages the future, we are not limited by tools or technology. In fact, this is the first experiment in Ibermedia’s history with display-only formats.

The scope of new technology is deliberately wide to encourage innovation.

At Tenerife’s Curino Prize event, which features animation from Latin America, Spain and Portugal, Herrerula highlighted the initiative’s goal to address the unique challenges faced by digital animation projects in the region.

Supporting Ibero-American and Italian companies working in digital content, Ibermedia Next offers a platform to establish strong communication networks in the sector and showcase their work.

The centerpiece of the event is the Ibermedia Next Plaza platform, a free online tool designed to facilitate connections between industry professionals. Companies and producers can register on the platform to connect with other member countries of the Ibermedia program. Hererula shines Difference The importance for the sector to facilitate collaboration between different agents, creators, producers and professionals is to “weave a network of connections…”

In addition to financial support, selected projects will receive comprehensive training, mentoring, promotion and networking opportunities. Users will have the opportunity to participate in Ibero-American Animation League events, promotional activities such as Mexico’s Pixeltel Festival, Curino Awards and Ventana Sur Animation. In Buenos Aires, as well as other industry meetings.

The Ibero-American audiovisual panorama is in constant change and our initiative has chosen the current industrial period as it contributes to the promotion of formats that have not been traditionally released. The classic lines of the program,” said Herreula.


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