Kanye West has been posting IG full-time for the past two days, and his anger has been directed at multiple targets. GAP has been called out, Pete Davidson has mocked it, argued about co-parenting, and rejected venture capitalists.

His posts just keep going. Now, he’s named one VC he doesn’t want to die for. “The only VC I like and Cyrus,” she wrote under a screenshot of venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz. This post caught the attention of none other than Tom Brady, who said “Andresen Horowitz” in the comments. [100 emoji].”

Less than thirty minutes later, the Chicago rapper posted another all-caps rant, this time revealing his eye-catching fashion choices. “Sometimes I dress like winter when it’s hot and my clothes get hot,” wrote Yeezy’s boss. “Emma sweat before you act normal.” He then added a story to reflect his thoughts: “At the BET Awards this n***a who works at Universal asked me if I was hot. I’m this n***a… you work at Universal LOL.”

Hours earlier, Kanye spoke about Daniel Cherry III, who was the senior VP at Adidas. Kanye teased the hats by wearing a newsboy hat and writing “This is now hacked” under a picture of Cherry. “Venture capitalists who’s [sic] Adventure alone is capitalism. They cannot create, so they try to count creators. die slowly”

Only time will tell what will happen to you next.