Futuristic Luxager Studio, like no other agency, combines entertainment with luxury and fashion


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Luxager Entertainment - Futuristic Agency

Luxager Entertainment, a unique futuristic agency

A future leader in entertainment, luxury and fashion + widely acclaimed as “unique, innovative and disruptive”.

I have long had a vision to lead industry disruption with the future. Luxager has it in its DNA to create unique and entertaining content, tell different brand stories and deliver strategies with better insights.

– ATHÉNA, founder of Luxager Entertainment

LONDON, United Kingdom , Sept. 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — An artist and future strategist, Athena has been at the forefront of the industry since its inception with her revamped entertainment content house, talent/celebrity relations and global PR agency. A luxury fashion agency’s strategy means disrupting and digitizing the industry — until the Covid-19 pandemic does what it decides to do. The new agency will bring a unique in-house creative, futurist, innovation and strategy where entertainment merges with luxury, fashion, branding and merchandising.

Athena has seen 2020 fashion break since 2015 after delving into the future of fashion and creative store concepts to create a video-salable mobile app idea aimed at disrupting the way people shop forever.

In the year A few days before the lockdown in March 2020, ATHÉNA launched a luxury fashion strategy consulting firm with the aim of supporting innovation and helping brands achieve digital excellence.

She never realized that thanks to covid-19, what she missed was about to arrive… the sudden devastation of the global pandemic turned the fashion industry into a complete disruption of virtual technologies and digital transformation.

Under Athena’s leadership, the organization has attracted top talent and writes strategic reports with unique perspectives and a keen understanding of global culture. Athena’s unique mind combined with strategy, wisdom, innovation and deep insight has allowed her to create the best selection Entertainment | luxury | The fashion agency is called “unique and disruptive” by many.

What’s coming with the new futuristic agency is getting more exciting and unprecedented. We are ‘entertained’ by luxury and fashion. Athena is undoubtedly an entertainment, luxury, fashion and digital innovator, with many industry leading companies under its name list: Vanity Fair, Fox, Sony, MGM, Saks etc. With luxury brand products (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Fendi, St Laurent, Valentino, Prada, etc.) connected with luxury stores and e-commerce. She also won MGM and other fashion contest TV programs.

Athena has been hailed by industry leaders as “thinking about where the industry is going and what it needs to learn from.” “She has incredible experience, meets high expectations and has done a great job creating her brands. Any clients who work with her and her team can expect the best services and the smartest insights.”

As an artist trained at the most prestigious art schools in the UK, France and the US, ATHÉNA has often received comments of “unique” summarizing her unparalleled leadership talent in creativity, performance and storytelling. She has been a natural talent since she was 2 years old. Meanwhile, on the flip side, she’s also one of the best and most intelligent strategists out there. She has something unique and unique for both talented partners and brands.

With its unique location, futurism, entertainment and strategy background, Luxager Entertainment is now often served by entertainment, fashion, luxury, jewelry and beauty clients worldwide – UK, France, USA, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore etc. Entertainment partnerships, international PR, new market entry, celebrity/influencer marketing, fashion week and launch event organization, virtual sales, strategies etc.

ATHÉNA has also trained with some of the most successful business leaders and famous entrepreneurs. She can be a valuable expert resource for the media and create interesting and insightful content for your readers.

About Luxager entertainment
Luxager Entertainment is a forward-thinking entertainment and fashion house setting bar, building a premier, global entertainment content house, talent and celebrity relations and global PR agency with top clients in media/entertainment, luxury, fashion and beauty. Disabling and entertaining.

Through our unique creative and innovative strategies, we create unique opportunities and partnerships for entertainment companies, brands and talent. We have proven track records in growing bars, exceeding customer expectations and are recommended by industry leaders for our reputation, quality of service, competence and experience.

For more information, visit http://Luxager.Studio

For interviews, contact:

Luxager entertainment


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