I’m a super fan of Walmart – I do a huge fall fashion and everything is under $40, even boots.


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Fall looks require pulling out all the stops – flannels, knit sweaters, knee-high boots and warm colors to name a few.

Retailer Walmart shared with its fans some finds under $40 to complete your wardrobe this fall.

Walmart fan Sarah Jane shares some affordable fall finds.


Walmart fan Sarah Jane shares some affordable fall finds.Credit: YouTube/ ChicOnTheCheap

“Fall has officially arrived at Walmart, and today I have some fabulous new fashion finds to share with you,” Sarah Jane began in a YouTube video uploaded to her 598k subscribers.

“I love clothes, but by far my favorite clothes are fall clothes, and they’re even better when they’re budget-friendly. So that’s what I have for you today.”

“Except for one little splurge item at the end of this video, everything will be $40 and under, which is great. But I thought I’d start with one of my favorite things, and that’s it. Boots.”

She continued: “Walmart has new boots for fall and I’m starting with these adorable Chelsea boots from Madden NYC.”

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Sarah’s $40 boots are just right, they’re super comfortable, they have a comfortable foam lining, and they’re super easy to get in and out of with a zipper closure.

They can be combined with some jeans or your favorite toys. “They’re really cute boots and a great wardrobe staple,” Sarah said.

Madden NYC Women's Faux Suede Lug Sole Chelsea Boots ($40)


Madden NYC Women’s Faux Suede Lug Sole Chelsea Boots ($40)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

Next up was the Time & Tab Women’s Bling Chelsea ($34.98). “Beautiful Boots” features rhinestone detailing around the outside.

“It’s not overdone, it’s very subtle. It’s just enough to hold the lights and I think these are really fun. These boots come in two different colors, black and white, and have a memory foam foot and side zipper. And I find these run true to size.”

If you’re not a fan of rhinestone detailing and want a more basic Chelsea boot, Sarah suggests another Time and Tru option – the Time and Tru Women’s Lug Chelsea Boot ($29.98).

The classic boot comes in three different colors – black, gray and brown. According to the fashion enthusiast, they are “really comfortable”.

“They have a memory foam footbed, they run true to size, and they go with almost any fall outfit you can think of,” said Sarah.

Time & Truth Women's Lug Chelsea Boot ($29.98)


Time & Truth Women’s Lug Chelsea Boot ($29.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

The fashionista flaunted another boot style she loves.

“Every year Tyme & Tru comes out with a new pair of hiking boots, and I always get a pair because I always find them incredibly cute and I feel like they get better every year.

“And this is what they look like this year.”

In three different colors — black, white and brown — she showed off the Time & Tru Women’s Hiker Boots ($29.98).

“The faux fur on these boots is so well made and so soft, and I love the plaid laces. And again, these are so comfortable.

“They have memory foam feet. Time and Tab are great with their shoes, and they always put that memory foam in there.”

Time & Truth Women's Hiking Shoes ($29.98)


Time & Truth Women’s Hiking Shoes ($29.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

The next pair of boots Sarah shined in, some tall slouchy boots, by Time and Tru. They are $34.98 and have a stacked block heel which is “not too high.”

“I just love the two inch heels. And the one thing I will say about these is that they run a little small, so I ordered my regular size 9, and they are really cute. So I would recommend going up a size,” Sarah advised.

The boots are available in three different colors – black, emerald and taupe.

Next up was another pair of slouch boots by Time and Tru-Time and Tru Women’s Tall Slouch Boots.

“They’re $34.98. They also feature a two-inch stacked block heel. And I can say that I really appreciate that the heel isn’t too tall in these boots, because it makes them more practical for everyday wear.

“It’s just nice to know you can be fashionable and not feel sick walking around. These seem truer to size than the previous ones I’ve shared, and they’re available in black, and you can pair them with leggings or jeans or a cute fall dress.”

Time & Truth Women's Tall Slack Boots ($34.98)


Time & Truth Women’s Tall Slack Boots ($34.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

Sarah went to some of her favorite clothing finds from Walmart.

“Okay, next is one of my favorite Walmart tops. I’ve been wearing this a lot since I bought it, and it’s the No Borders printed shirt.

“I got this in a size large, so my recommendation is to size up. It’s $14.98 and there are two different styles to choose from, but you can’t go wrong this fall, with anything. It’s great, especially this shade of green.”

“I think it’s the perfect plaid shirt. For under $15, you just can’t beat it.”

A much-needed fall staple is the No Boundaries Juniors Button-Front Plaid Shirt.

No Limits Juniors Button-Front Plaid Shirt ($14.98)


No Limits Juniors Button-Front Plaid Shirt ($14.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

Next, Sarah covers another top that she believes is a wardrobe must-have – the Time and Tru Women’s Ribbed Tunic Top.

Now, if there’s one top buy in this whole loadout, it’s this. It’s at Time and Tru, it’s $15.98. [and] It comes in four different colors.”

Sarah described the top as “very soft” and “very comfortable”.

She ordered a size large even though she is normally a size medium.

She usually likes her fall clothes to be a little baggier and bigger.

“This is a tunic-length top that’s a bit longer in the back, so it’s great to wear over leggings, and I can tell you it’s something you’ll wear over and over again.”

Time & Truth Women's Ribbed Tunic Top ($15.98)


Time & Truth Women’s Ribbed Tunic Top ($15.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

Sarah turned to another great wardrobe staple to get this fall, an off-the-shoulder dress by Time and Tru that’s just $13.98.

“It comes in four different colors, and it’s very comfortable.

“And again, I’ve sized up, and if I had to recommend a color in this I’d have to say go with black, because you’re going to get a lot more wear.

“And I think everyone needs a basic black dress in their fall wardrobe.”

Next, Sarah talks about a specific top strategy she has up her sleeve.

“Every year Walmart comes out with these waffle sweater tops, and this one has been updated to make it a little more trendy,” Time & Tru says, referring to the Women’s Waffle Pullover Top ($13.98).

“So it has puff sleeves but they’re not overdone. They’re just enough to give you a fashionable look without making you feel like you’re making a fashion statement, if that makes sense?”

“I don’t know, some ripped sleeves I’ve seen can be a little too puffy, and if you’re someone who can pull off that look, that’s great. I’m not one of them.”

Time & Truth Women's Waffle Pullover Top ($13.98)


Time & Truth Women’s Waffle Pullover Top ($13.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

Sarah is down to the $29.98 corduroy shack at Time & Tab.

“I went with a size larger in this and I think it looks great. So you can go with a more fitted one or a larger size like that.”

“I love that this one has pockets, and the cinnamon spice color is just everything. It’s the perfect fall color, and it comes in a gorgeous green color too.”

Time and Tru Women's Corduroy with Buttons Jacket ($34.98)


Time and Tru Women’s Corduroy with Buttons Jacket ($34.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

If you’re into animal print, Sarah’s got you covered with the Nine.Eight Women’s Long Sleeve Button Down Dress ($18.98).

“I feel like animal print is always in style. It’s a really timeless trend, and animal print is expected to be a big thing this fall. What I love about this shirt is that you can dress it up or dress it down.

“I bought a size large, and it feels silky and smooth on your skin.”

To finish, Sara talked about a little pricey item from the previous highlights.

“And last but not least, I wanted to throw a little smoke in this video, just because I think these boots are so cool and worth mentioning.

Nine.Eight Women's Long Sleeve Button Down Dress ($18.98)


Nine.Eight Women’s Long Sleeve Button Down Dress ($18.98)Credit: YouTube/ChicOnTheCheap

“These are over-the-knee boots by Scope. They’re $56, and to me they look more expensive than that.

“And they have a three-and-a-half-inch heel and a memory foam insert. They’re really good quality. They’re easy to get in and they have a tie to keep them up. And you won’t fall off.”

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“And you can wear these courses on their own, or [pair] These by Time and Tru by Faux Leather Laser.

“These are amazing legs and will definitely be a big trend this fall.”


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