How do we make healthcare more consumer-friendly?


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Health insurance professionals go to work every day with one goal in mind: to make life better, healthier and easier for the millions of Americans who rely on them. That’s why insurers are embracing innovation, building teams of visionaries and embracing the latest the tech universe has to offer — like push notifications to manage diabetes, dating-app matching services for doctors, and even ways to book a doctor’s appointment. Modern home appliance.

But consumer technology and healthcare move quickly. Join top leaders gathering this month for an in-depth discussion on where the future of healthcare technology is headed next.

For what is to come Consumer experience and digital health platform In Nashville, September 12-14, AHIP lined up a high-profile panel of speakers, sessions and exhibits for attendees to explore consumer-friendly technology topics and the latest solutions and initiatives around them.

Powerful Note Speakers explores the necessary alignment between digital solutions and consumer experience:

  • Paul MarkovichThe president and CEO of California-based Blue Shield shares how he sees healthcare becoming more streamlined, digital and automated, and how the industry’s vast data stores will become the basis for artificial intelligence.
  • Dr. David IceThe global medical officer and vice president of Microsoft will explore how data-driven technology can improve communications and services for consumers.
  • Mickey TripathiThe National Coordinator for Health Information Technology at HHS provides advice to the administration on improving health care while protecting patient privacy by promoting health IT adoption and nationally-based health information sharing.

Check out the full speaker lineup over here.

Main topics

The forum promises to be a dynamic, results-oriented conference where attendees will explore new ideas, developments and digital tools to lead to greater health. Join us to explore:

  • The application of science and technology for flawless experienceUsing omni-channel approaches to manage chronic care, acute care, and behavioral health and wellness.
  • Consumer-first thinkingLike transforming consumer interactions to create a seamless experience and improve health.
  • Addressing issues of equity and accessIt covers best practices in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and digital health strategies that can build equitable access.
  • Protecting patient privacydiscussing the next generation of cyber security.

People and products to watch

From sleep to motivation, fertility, nutrition, pain management, heart health, metabolic disease, mental health and more, the exhibitors at this event are people and products worth knowing. See ours A complete list of about 50 exhibitions Waiting to talk to the audience.

Join us in Nashville and explore how your organization can build on this initiative and deliver modern, digital experiences that simplify and improve the patient experience. Register Now to attend this conference and participate in these compelling and inspiring talks.


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