New school year, new global health emergency


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From conflicts in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East to the horrors of American politics, watching the news has been difficult this winter. The decision of the Supreme Court deprived the American people of their right to choose their own bodies. In addition to these regular human rights violations around the world, we are still suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, fearing the next one. Global health emergency: Monkey disease. The data shows just how far the Covid-19 pandemic is, especially for the United States The US remains in the top five countries for new Covid-19 cases and deaths.

He has Tufts. Covid-19 restrictions and regulations on campus have been released. Although vaccination protocols are the same—Tufts requires everyone to be fully vaccinated and encouraged—isolation and testing policies trust students very little. At the beginning of last semester, Tufts required students on campus to be tested every other day. May 6, as the final semester begins. Tufts turned into a voluntary experiment. But now it’s Tufts. It provides only symptomatic testing, This means that if the student does not have any symptoms, the test will not be accessible after contact.

Given that many Tufts students have contracted COVID-19 in the spring 2022 semester and will have immunity for some time, the reduced testing requirements may be reasonable. However, some health experts have given advice Immunity to the latest omicron strains of COVID-19 may only last a month.

It’s Tufts Also, expect students who test positive to self-isolate in their classrooms, even if they have a roommate. Tufts began isolating Covid-19 positive students in their own rooms last semester after they ran out of Mods and quarantine hotels. In the beginning, they gave priority to those who lived in double and triple.

Therefore, this exclusion policy may be reminiscent of the flawed exclusion protocols of yesteryear. This decision may seem unfair to students who are still wary of Covid-19, as Tufts may maintain or improve Mods status to ensure healthy isolation between friends and roommates. However, most students are too tired to worry about the ongoing outbreak after years of taking precautions and still feeling the consequences.

Tufts published guidelines for responding to monkeypox. Asking students to be more responsible in isolating and consulting with their health care providers. Monkey disease has not been taken as seriously as Covid-19, perhaps because the number of positive cases around the world is low and it is contagious only when symptoms begin, making the disease easier to catch.

This type of infection is very different compared to Covid-19. Monkey disease is spread through “close, personal, skin-to-skin contact, including direct contact or contact with the rash, scales, or bodily fluids of a person with monkeypox,” according to an email from Tufts management. Within walking distance of a Covid-19 positive individual. Although the risk of monkeypox is low, it can lead to serious cases when people start having too much fun.

Regardless of this, rabies poses a serious threat to college life and college students. Even if students trust each other, both on-campus and off-campus, they should be careful not to share their personal belongings with other friends. Monkey disease is transmitted through direct skin-to-skin contact (including sexual/intimate contact, kissing)…or contact with an infected person’s clothing, bedding, towels, or other contaminated objects,” Tufts says. Therefore, students are encouraged to be more careful about who is invited to their class, or which parties they choose to go to. This pandemic, as a result, may limit the social and personal lives of Tufts students and college students around the world.

These health concerns and restrictions may seem unnecessary and excessive to students who want to attend parties and classes, be in each other’s bedrooms, and see each other outdoors. It’s been a few years since the start of Covid-19, but we can’t let ourselves get complacent and forget to protect ourselves and others.

A great, Covid-19- and monkeypox-free year awaits us at Tufts, but only if we take the necessary precautions. Summer is over now; It’s time for the world to begin to heal and for Tufts students to return to campus healthy.


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