Lana Del Rey: Running On The Singer’s Body Proves Fashion Hypocrisy Is Alive And Well


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ohOver the weekend, new photos surfaced of Lana Del Rey at the Malibu Chili Cook-Off. She wore baggy blue jeans and a flannel shirt over a cropped polo tee and carried a red Chanel bag. Her hair is styled in pigtail braids with green and gold braids. She seemed unbothered. Moisture. Content on her line.

So trust the social media to attract the singer’s appearance The moment the images hit the internet. Del Rey looks different compared to her at 37 years old born to die days, when she was in her mid-twenties. This attracted all kinds of nasty fat shaming comments, although Del Rey’s size is none of our business. Amidst the rise of fatphobia, some criticized Del Rey’s style in the photos, describing her outfit as “ugly” and that she “couldn’t have gotten any less beautiful.” Others came to Del Rey’s defense: “If a stick-thin celebrity wears this, they eat it and say they look amazing.”

There is much truth in this. The same clothes worn by such, say. Supermodel Bella Hadid, will normally be “fashion goals”. A grown man is not seen through the same lens: the exact same style of writing is distorted and becomes the target of shame and ridicule. In the year The fact that this is still happening in 2022 shows how far we’ve come from thin privilege and fafabia, and skinny people have to work a lot harder to make sure they’re still stylish.

Chanel Morissette, who promotes body positivity on Instagram, says, “A dress is not considered beautiful or fashionable because it’s not the body inside. “Slim models, [and] Slim, stunning and beautiful women are praised for their clothing choices because their looks are enhanced by their clothes. The same is true for older women, but the effect is the opposite.

I thought I couldn’t hope to be fashionable because of my body. While scrolling through social media, it’s inevitable that a slim, handsome man will occasionally pop up in a basic t-shirt and jeans. She always looks tragically cool, leaning against a wall or staring nonchalantly in front of a mirror. The post becomes irresistibly popular, with thousands of likes and heart-eye emojis flooding the comments.

But I wear all the same pieces of clothing and immediately get bored. I somehow feel like I’m failing to embody the same coolness as these women. Instead of being cool, I thought it was my body’s fault to look dowdy. Maybe, as an adult, being stylish wasn’t in the cards for me.

A few years ago, when I got some of the best fashion advice I ever heard, my perspective completely changed. As the body positivity movement took off on Instagram, many influencers began advising their followers to ask themselves: “Skinny or ‘fit?’ Let’s step back and ask ourselves if the clothes someone is wearing are good or if we are conditioned to the present think It looks good because the person wearing it is thin.

The idea has become popular on Tik Tok in the last couple of years, “Leather or fashion?” A trend called Users have been spotted checking out the style of fashionistas like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. Plus-size TikTokers have started recreating outfits they’ve seen on skinny celebrities and models, deciding whether the outfits are truly flattering. But this wave of self-awareness didn’t last and — as the discourse surrounding Del Rey’s appearance suggests — we’re back to square one.

The dress is not considered fashionable because it is not part of it

Chanelle Mauricette

“The reality is, big bodies are not seen as beautiful or accepted,” Morissette said. While the body positivity movement helps normalize non-supermodel bodies, “big bodies [are still] Marginalized by conventional beauty standards,” she added, many thin, able-bodied women “have taken a prominent place in the movement.” In particular, the space was consumed by the trend of normally attractive women posting “triggered relaxed” selfies of themselves, which were taken at a certain angle and placed side by side with another selfie to make them look slimmer. Abdominal pack shows the smallest hint.

Felicity Hayward, curvy model and author Does my butt look big in this?“The reason people are so quick to make fun of someone’s weight is because we still live in a culture of fat phobia,” he says. She added that the media “controls our own perceptions of bodies and [make us hate] People who have gained weight – to finally sell diet plans, weight loss teas and body-changing beauty products”.

We need to stop policing women’s bodies, especially when they move from positions of greed, power and money.

Felicity Hayward

“If you think back over the last 100 years, and how women in particular are treated with body image, it’s no wonder people are still pulling others for weight changes. We’ve been giving women tapeworms to lose weight since the 1920s. [to the] 1940s [when they were] Until the 1990s, when the term ‘heroin chic’ was in vogue, people were told to smoke cigarettes to curb appetite. We need to stop policing women’s bodies, especially when they act out of greed, power, and money made to sell products.

Del Rey, who has been described as a “queen” or “goddess” for her thinness, was upset by the breakup for daring to take care of her weight. It supports the idea that women should be ashamed of changing their bodies and that fatness should be hidden from public view. I, for one, plan to continue wearing what I want. No matter how ugly the internet feels.


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