LG first developed a new business venture by selecting finalists for the ‘Mission to the Future’ challenge.


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Selected ‘Future Mission’ companies and LG to jointly pursue. Innovative solutions for digital health, the metaverse and electric mobility

San Francisco, September 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – LG Electronics has selected LG NOVA as its North American Innovation Center Final player Companies for it Mission for the future International exam program. Representing multiple potential business avenues across three industries, the companies will be eligible to partner with the LG NOVA Group on new businesses, continue to grow and expand their companies, and receive potential investment from LG and other investors in the LG NOVA ecosystem. Solutions that benefit people, communities and the planet.*

Dr. Sokwo Ray, Senior Vice President of LG Electronics Innovation and Head of LG NOVA said, “This inaugural year of our fight has shown how effective and strong collaboration between technology startups and established corporations can help the innovation process. “Congratulations to the finalists and all the companies involved Mission for the future Challenging. We look forward to the journey of these companies to a bright, technologically advanced future.

The finalists were selected from an initial pool of approximately 1,300 applicants. After working with the LG NOVA Entrepreneur-in-Residence team for six to nine months to build and test the proposals, they secured the top spot. In the process, the companies had opportunities to interact with LG business teams and other investors in the LG NOVA ecosystem. Finalists are presented to LG Electronics Global CEO. William Cho.

With the opportunity to diversify and expand LG’s technology portfolio, this unique challenge program prioritizes innovation for a better life in key impact industries, says Rhee. “These amazing companies have the potential to change the world, and LG is excited to partner with them to use innovation to impact society in meaningful ways,” he said.

With this selection of companies, LG NOVA will build new businesses in digital health, electric mobility and the Metaverse, and pursue multiple avenues to provide new services and solutions that will help us move faster into the future.

Digital health – As digital health capabilities are key to delivering healthcare to diverse and diverse communities, LG NOVA is working to make healthcare and personal health services more accessible and popular.

  • DB Health A digital care platform combining gut microbiome insights, genetics, AI and food-as-medicine to prevent and reverse chronic metabolic, digestive and mental health conditions. LG and DGB work together to make care accessible at home and in the office and to expand treatment.
  • LifeName A B2B2C precision health platform powered by genomics and AI, providing personalized health and wellness solutions to the world’s leading enterprises. LG and LifeNome plan to bring to market the world’s first accurate maternal and family health platform, supporting pregnant individuals 24/7 from conception to the first stages of a baby’s life.
  • Psychiatry It is a sensor-based technology platform that uses cameras in patient-owned devices to capture health and biological readings that help doctors improve medical diagnosis and treatment effectiveness. Extending new services to doctors and providers, LG’s work with Mindset Medical is expected to allow medical providers to more easily understand a patient’s health over time or during a live virtual doctor visit.
  • XRHealth It develops virtual medical rooms, integrates immersive VR/AR technology, licensed clinics and real-time data analytics on a single platform, providing patients with a comprehensive medical care solution from the hospital to the patient’s home, providing a continuum of care. LG and XRHealth will continue to enhance the service offering to deliver more insights to clinicians and enable more accurate personalized care.

Electric mobility As a company committed to sustainability, LG NOVA is working to pursue new opportunities to expand access to electric vehicles (EVs) and electric mobility solutions by enabling more businesses to deploy their infrastructure to provide EV services.

  • Drivz It powers leading EV service providers’ end-to-end EV charging and smart energy management software platform. LG and Driivz work together to enable the entire hospitality industry America To provide EV charging-as-a-service, growing their EV charging business and providing their customers with a unique EV charging experience.
  • I-EMS Solutions, Ltd. It uses innovative AI and blockchain-based distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS) and alternative energy software platforms to enable energy optimization in smart cities, smart homes and e-mobility. By working with I-EMS, LG will help modernize the electricity grid and market better energy management solutions.
  • Sparkcharge It offers electric vehicle owners an affordable and convenient way to charge their EVs without having to have a charger directly accessible at home or on the road. LG and SparkCharge plan to work together to provide businesses with turnkey EV solutions to generate revenue streams from their parking spaces.

Metaverse – Metaverse brings advanced capabilities that will change how we engage in the digital space in the future. LG is looking to expand its role and explore new services and applications for enterprises that leverage the capabilities of Metaverse.

  • iQ3 connection It provides immersive 3D workspace technology so distributed teams can cost-effectively work, collaborate and train from anywhere on any AR, VR or 2D device. LG works with iQ3 Connect to deploy immersive training and real-time collaborative workplace solutions for enterprises.
  • Neuro trainer It is a brain training and facilitation platform that works in VR to create immersive environments and training protocols that use the scientific principles of neuroplasticity to enhance attention and cognitive performance. Expanding on iQ3’s capabilities, LG and NeuroTrainer will work together to add platform capabilities and enhancements designed to further refine NeuroTrainer as a powerful tool for organizational wellness and brain recovery.

LG NOVA’s Second annual Mission for the future (2022) is now open for submissions. It’s the deadline for submissions. Thursday, October 6, 2022. Please visit www.lgnova.com/mission22 For more information on how to submit new ideas for LG NOVA.

* Subject to due diligence and other matters.

LG NOVA, the North American innovation center of global innovation leader LG Electronics, is a group dedicated to bringing innovation from outside to LG. LG NOVA is based in Santa Clara, California. The mission of the center is to build, nurture and nurture innovations that will impact the future. Learn more about LG NOVA at www.lgnova.com.

About LG Electronics America
LG Electronics USA, Inc Englewood cliffs, N.J., is a North American subsidiary. LG Electronics Inc., a $63 billion global innovator in technology and manufacturing. United States, LG It sells a wide range of innovative home appliances, home entertainment products, commercial displays, air conditioning systems, energy solutions and vehicle components. LG 2022 is an Energy Star.® Next Release Partner of the Year. The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and how it incorporates the “good life” marketing theme LG It is dedicated to people’s happiness by doing more than expected today and tomorrow. www.LG.com.

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