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COnce you put a ranch in your handbag, you don’t have to worry about the carbs inside SoupWondering if you’ll ever find a French lover who loves Netflix: Here’s a look at some of the new world challenges the characters face in the first episode of Real Girl Friends in Paris. Premieres September 6 on Hay and Bravo.

As one might guess from the show’s title, the show follows six American women in their 20s and 30s as they struggle with meaning, change, and especially love. The backgrounds of Anya Firestone, Emily Gorelik, Margaux Lignel, Kacey Margo, Adja Toure and Victoria Zito are as diverse (respectively: tour guide, design management student, aspiring entrepreneur, English teacher, Cornell graduate and fashion designer). One thing they have in common is their love of Paris and their monotheistic vision. As the soundtrack suggests, these News of Paris They’re steeped in “the most beautiful city in the world… a fairy tale”—that is, a glorified, highly deified and refined view of France, which shows women showing off their Paris-ness to a T: drinking wine all day, wearing coats. And berets, eating crisps, loudly discussing sex. A choice of clichés so familiar and obvious that the local press immediately dubbed it “a reality TV version of Emily in Paris”, which French Elle described as “directly inspired” by Darren Starr’s comedy. What do the two have in common? Both scenes were seen in the French media as “one loves to hate” as a “guilty pleasure” – for the glorious mistake (Paris is limited to a handful of bridges and mimes, emaciated women smoking with turtle necks, not to mention a completely alcoholic population).

One thing’s for sure: Real Girlfriends in Paris , in production for a third season, will closely follow the well-trodden path of an old fantasy star-studded for the Instagram age. Emily’s locations in Paris are listed on Google Maps and marked on city guides. They’ve become sought-after selfie spots for tourists and locals alike — “I feel like a tourist in my own city,” says 18-year-old Alicia, who grew up in Paris and is a fan of the show. Sales of costumes featured on the show and posted on multiple Instagram accounts are booming. Not to mention the high level of US-origin tourism in France this summer – A coevent?

Kacey Margo and Adja Toure from the reality TV show Real Girlfriends in Paris
Real girlfriends Kacey Margo and Adja Toure. Photo: Bravo/Getty

Real Girlfriends in Paris brings together a long-standing franchise in American cinema and entertainment – from American Paris to Moulin Rouge, Sex and the City, Midnight in Paris and, most recently, The French Expat. It’s a fascinating topic that has spawned a number of books (Why France? edited by Laura Lee Downs and Stefan Gerson), several podcasts, and even a stand-up book.

For historian Robert O. Paxton, the experiential experience provides something of a “mid-Atlantic identity” that floats somewhere between the two cultures, but maintains a critical distance from either. “It allowed me to move freely in both European and American space,” he wrote.

The passage between damaged or broken cliques, familiar benefits and new experiences is what many women describe when they go to the cinema and big cities. Breakin, a 32-year-old dancer and choreographer who moved from New York to Paris last November, remembers America seeing the French capital as a combination of “Eiffel Tower, film noir, sensuality, gentleness, the city of love and the city of lights.” But like most big cities, you have to be prepared for a powerful force.

However, unlike New York, where “abuse is normal in a fear-based society … where everything is heard, she has moved to a “higher standard of living, a healthier, better, healthier lifestyle, affordable travel, and culturally accepted lifestyles. Like a struggle,” she says. However, the multicultural aspect she cares about today is “everything you don’t see in clichés, the diversity of cultures, perspectives.” She added that she was surprised to find “people who are willing to argue, argue, fight over a topic and be friends.”

The stars of Real Girlfriends in Paris at a dinner party
Living in a fairytale version of Paris. Photo: Bravo/Fred Jagueneau/Getty

In addition to a balanced life, it is a promise of love that attracts others, hand in hand with savoir-vivre. “The culture and the music seem to have a unique philosophical depth,” says Hayo, 37, a business school student in Paris who moved from New York in July, citing Talisker and singer Talisker. Electronic musician Jean-Michel Jarre. She “finds love and is definitely looking for French men, they can have more romantic, beautiful, deep and real conversations and live in the moment.”

The challenge for Sean, a 36-year-old New York entrepreneur, is to go from blind to reality. “Her friends often say, ‘Your life feels like Emily in Paris, going out for drinks or going to amazing restaurants, but nowhere is perfect and the show shouldn’t be seen as anything but a fantasy,'” she said. Among other things, the difficulty of the French bureaucracy and knowing the daily reality.

These are due to the complexity of the politics and the Dog barkingThey are less likely to be seen in Emilie or The Real Girlfriends Paris, which focuses on Pont Neuf, free health care and French men.

And pourquoi pas? However, the country’s multicultural history, landscape, and rich cultural products beyond the periphery may prove valuable for these new TV heroes to mine.


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