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London (FBC) Whether it’s the three-piece suit or the waxed jacket upper part of the country ensemble, Charles’s style rarely strayed from what was assumed during his decades in the public eye.

But his winning demeanor earned him the title of World’s Best Dressed Man – an honor he laughed off as unlikely.

The new king’s clothes and shoes are made by the best people in the country.

Charles, who has long been criticized for his spending, is said to own hundreds of classically cut suits.

An army of valets oversees the wardrobe several times a day, and as revealed in a recent biography, one of them is responsible for keeping the shoelaces in good condition.

In the year In 2009, Esquire magazine named Charles the world’s best-dressed man, although the man himself joked that it was just about selling more copies.

# Photo 1

In the year At a 2012 London Fashion Week reception, he described his style as, in some respects, timeless.

“I went from being the best-dressed person to the worst-dressed person,” he said.

“Meanwhile, I go on – like a stopped clock – and my time comes every 25 years.”

– Shorts, Ties and Traditional Clothing –

Childhood photographs show Charles wearing shorts but a kilt with knee-high socks while in a tie, sometimes in leather, and in Scotland.

In his youth, he opted for a sporty look, including polo shirts, and had a penchant for matching, wearing sunglasses, cufflinks, and even a matching necktie on his ski suit.

# Photo 2

Charles wore a signet ring on his little finger and always had the same flawless side parting.

When traveling overseas, he easily adopted the local traditions, especially the different headdresses.

In the year In 2014, he is trying his hand at sword dancing in Saudi Arabia wearing traditional clothes.

And in 1977 in Ghana, he was wearing a tribal costume. In the year In 2010, he wore camo fatigues while visiting troops during a visit to Afghanistan.

But Charles has drawn the line on Lycra: In June 2021, he donned a tan blazer, chinos, tie and suede shoes for a charity fundraising bike ride.

# Photo 3

“It’s a nightmare to get into,” he said of the stretchy sportswear when presented with a cycling jersey.

Uniforms and sustainability

Charles, now in his 70s, often wears double-breasted suits with silk pocket squares and ties.

At Highgrove Estate in Gloucestershire, West England, he develops the appearance of a gentleman farmer, his hands buried in a waxed barber’s pocket.

# Photo 4

Military uniform is de rigeur, appearing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on special occasions or meeting the regiment he commands.

60th birthday portrait, wearing red ceremonial uniform of the Welsh Guards, medals on chest, gold sword at belt.

In recent years, Charles has been eager to burnish his environmental credentials, saying he doesn’t want to throw away his old clothes.

For his youngest son, Harry, For his 2018 wedding to Meghan Markle, he wore a pearl-grey coat from 1984.

# Photo 5

“As far as I can get into it, I only wear it a few times a year in the summer, so obviously you want to keep things like that going,” he told Vogue.

“But if I can’t get along with them, I’ll have to do something new. But I’m not sure how radical they can be at my age.”

He has also been seen wearing the same two coats — one double-breasted mesh and the other camel hair — over the years.

“His tailors would eventually mend large pieces of cloth,” says Michel Fare, a biographer of Charles.

# Photo 6

In the year In 2020, Charles launched a new range of sustainable men’s and women’s trousers, supported by his charitable foundation, made from natural fibres, including cashmere, wool and organic silk.

They are designed to last a lifetime and profits help support the foundation’s training program and preserve traditional skills.

“It seems absolutely insane to have this take-it-make-it-and-throw-it approach,” he said.


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