New York Fashion Week kicks off with Men’s Day and the Collina Strada Chic Cemetery.


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New York Men’s Day

In the year In 2013, menswear sales outpaced womenswear in the US market: the menswear category grew by 4.8%, while womenswear grew by 4.5%. Jump to 2022: Men’s clothing sales are basically amazing. “Business is very strong in men—the strongest I’ve ever seen in my career,” Bob Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell’s Stores, told WWD in April.

When the odds are good, certain powwows can’t be missed, and that certainly seemed to be the case at New York’s Men’s Day on Friday, the bi-annual gathering of upstart menswear and genderless brands set to give a critical platform to unremarkable creativity. .

A total of eleven designers are represented at NYMD 2022: Amiroc (Menswear), Atelier Cillian (Menswear), A. Potts (Genderless), Fried Rice (Genderless), Holo Market (Menswear), Nicholas Rafsky (Menswear). , Nobis (Menswear), Teddy VonRanson (Menswear), Terry Singh (Menswear), Todd Patrick (Menswear) and SO.TY (Gender).

Atelier Cillian presents a gold-plated, Greek-inspired tweed pop dress that returns to Chanel.

Photos by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast

Teddy VonRanson, A. Potts, and Holo Market All Communicate, Desert-y, Rachel Comey-West Energy; Everything these designers have shown looks delightfully comfortable and easy to throw on. Potts’ use of neon and fringes added a welcome element of exoticism. Von Ranson’s slouchy, sand-colored trench coat gave me strong rowdy vibes.

Nobis, the Canadian luxury outdoor clothing company, immediately stood out on Friday morning. While beauty is a modeling standard, the male models with knobby taps were handsome in a way that proudly added key context to their outfits. , to stylish shell jackets and durable-looking pants for cocky, nouveau riche athletic men in their late 20s and early 30s.

Terry Singh was another highlight of the morning: Prince of fashion Tom Brown immediately came to mind as he took Singh models almost all ankle length, A-line dresses paired with tank tops, suit jackets or bows. But there’s something refreshingly soft about the pale blues the designer incorporated into the palette, as well as the floating drapes that make the clothes look laid-back rather than prim.

In the afternoon, Fried Rice won the competition with a bang and good looks, with models spotted dancing down the runway to Rihanna in unconstructed jumpsuits and camisole suits, as the soundtrack might emerge triumphantly.

Todd Patrick channels tangerine J Crew vibes in a gelato-hued variety. Todd Chrochromatic monochromatic using tangerine J Crew Vibes using Glato-hued elements. Single suit from S.T.T.

Amyrock showed minimal, beach-y cardigans and shorts that looked all made of black terry cloth. Hell yes.

Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Posing his models on a Jet Age set that could have been ripped straight from the lobby of a TWA hotel, Nicholas Rafsky inspired color-blocked red and gray suits, letter jackets for an imaginary Moon High School, and sweaters. Funky robot design. In the middle of it all was Flavor Flav, hamming it up for the cameras in a circuit board-patterned shorts and bomber jacket combo; His signature giant watch hangs from his neck. Helen Holmes

hill road

All that glitters is, well, glitter, at the Collina Strada show on Friday. Models of butterflies fluttering under the sun, hidden among wildflowers in the landscape of the Naval Cemetery in Williamsburg. True to form, the label’s hyper-feminine punk-ish aesthetic showcased a variety of chiffon gowns and structured shirts. It was a fun and funny feast for the eyes. Sarah Shears

Photos by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast


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