The best software solutions and technology providers in the franchising industry


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The ever-evolving digitization of industry moves at an unstoppable pace, and the franchising sector has become an eager participant. Whether franchisor or franchisee, custom software solutions and platforms have become an integral part of the systems and processes landscape. From franchisors using custom CRM platforms to improve relationship management, automated reporting and invoicing tools to the franchisee, the capabilities offered by software service providers are making our lives easier and more efficient.

Cloud-based architectures have increased the capabilities of franchise network systems, and mobile-apps are making franchise-related service calls easier. This new level of practice has become an integral part of the sales pitch for all franchise-related recruits, as brands are eager to demonstrate their edge over the competition.

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entrepreneur A multifaceted directory of the best service providers in the industry has announced its annual Top Franchise Provider Rankings. If you’re a franchisor looking for improved capabilities for your systems, processes and network architecture, a good place to start is this list of top-10 software solutions and technology providers, each ranked well in 2022. List. Here’s what each of these rated companies had to say about themselves.

1. Hubspot

HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS) is a leading growth platform. Since 2006, HubSpot has been on a mission to make the world more immersive. Today, more than 60,500 total customers use HubSpot’s award-winning software, services and support to transform the way they attract, engage and delight customers. Comprised of a marketing hub, sales hub, service hub and powerful free CRM, HubSpot gives companies the tools they need to grow better.

2. service

ServiceMinder is a platform for managing and running home services brands. From tracking marketing efforts, delivering professional online proposals directly to clients, directing casting and more. ServiceMinder offers unique tools and integrations designed to make your brand stand out from the competition.

3. FranchiseSoft

FranchiseSoft is an all-in-one SaaS-based software for franchisors and franchise management. It provides a robust CRM for franchise development, and franchisees can use it to manage relationships with their customers. The marketing module allows for marketing automation via email and SMS. The Franchise Management and Support module ensures that all communications and activities are recorded by your franchisees. In addition, the finance module ensures that you can automate your financial reporting and invoicing. Other modules include digital library and field scheduling module with mobile app and more. Contact us today for a showing! According to Jam Hashmi, CEO and co-founder of FranchiseSoft, their focus makes them a top industry supplier. “Our focus on high touch and high service is one of the key hallmarks of FranchiseSoft,” says Hashmi. “Our team takes a highly personalized approach to training and onboarding our customers, making it easy for them to learn the software and join the franchise network.”

How does that translate into superior customer service? “To save franchisors both time and money, Franchisosoft has several modules that automate processes for any part of the franchisor’s organization. From franchise sales, onboarding and training new franchisees – to tracking deals, calculating royalties and invoicing franchisees. Everything in a clean and intuitive way.” It is seamlessly integrated into the layout.

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4. ClientTether

ClientTether is a CRM and lead response automation, sales automation and online review management platform designed by franchisors and franchisees for other Zors and Zees. We combine a streamlined yet robust CRM with industry-leading engagement automation tools, keeping franchise hierarchical structures in mind. When your leads come in, we literally make your phone ring to connect you with your lead. Our engagement tools include text, email, call reminders, cross-team/third-party emails, and more. We also have a proposal/cost management tool, call portal resources, royalty reporting and robust analytics.

5. FranConnect

FranConnect is a leading provider of franchise management software. For over twenty years, the FrancoConnect platform has served as the backbone of sales, operations and marketing for more than 800 brands worldwide. Nine of Franchise Times’ top 10 fastest-growing franchise businesses rely on FranConnect to drive growth, improve profitability and streamline operational performance. Frankonec’s clients span all sizes, growth stages and industries and grow, on average, 44 percent faster than the broader franchise market. Backed by private equity investor Serent Capital, FrancoConnect is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia with global solar tracking operations.

6. Zoho

With 45-plus applications across all major business categories, including sales, marketing, customer support, accounting and back office operations, and a variety of productivity and collaboration tools, Zoho Corporation is one of the world’s most successful software companies. Zoho is privately held and profitable and has over 8,000 employees. Zoho is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with global headquarters in Chennai, India. Additional offices are in the US, India, Japan, China, Singapore, Mexico, Australia, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates. Zoho respects user privacy and does not have an advertising revenue model in any part of its business, including its free products. More than 50 million users worldwide, at hundreds of thousands of companies, including Zoho, rely on Zoho every day to run their businesses.

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7. AXIS integrated

Experts in data-driven franchise sales and marketing solutions, AXIS Integrated enables franchisors to power their growth strategies through CRM, marketing automation and e-commerce, and enables franchisees to connect with their leads and customers via email, direct mail and live calls. AXIS specializes in consulting, implementing and managing franchise lead care services. AXIS built a brand around a modern and powerful franchise development solution; Developing smart leadership. Smart lead nurturing using timely, personalized and relevant communications will drive the most qualified applications for your creative opportunity from the leads you generate. Spend zero time on rubber balls as your pencils heat up automatically.

8. Sales force

Salesforce is a global leader in customer relationship management (CRM), bringing companies closer to their customers in the digital age. In the year Founded in 1999, Salesforce enables companies of every size and industry to leverage powerful technologies—cloud, mobile, social, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence—to connect with customers in new ways.

9. Shipping

Dispatch is a Boston-based enterprise software company whose mission is to meet the growing needs of the modern customer in the home service industry. It empowers modern service by seamlessly connecting brands with an army of professional, in-demand local contractors, giving those contractors a convenient platform to assign and manage work and communicate service details to the customer via their mobile device. Outsourcing connects people, process, and information to create a service experience that delights customers, motivates contractors, and promotes a positive brand image for the organization.

10. FRM solutions

At FRM Solutions, our name defines us. FRM is an acronym for Franchise Relationship Management. Because we put relationships at the center of everything we do, we put you first, so you can put franchisees first, allowing them to serve your end customers efficiently and proudly. FRM is constantly innovating to bring you the latest technology and in-class tools designed specifically for franchisors and tailored precisely to your needs.

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