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Last night at the stunning Rainbow Room in New York City, the crème de la crème of fashion at The daily The Ninth Annual Fashion Media Awards. This year’s show was hosted by the amazing and funny Busy Philipps, and the honorees were Doja Kat for Breakthrough Fashion Icon, Gigi Hadid and Francesca Aiello winning Fashion Collaboration of the Year for the Gigi x Frankie bikini line, Lara Stone as Fashion Icon, Karen. Elson as Fashion Power, May Musk as Breakthrough Model, Mel Ottenberg as Editor of the Year, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn for cut out as Best Fashion TV Series, Sam Edelman as Fashion Designer, and Michael Fisher as Men’s Stylist. The evening is sponsored by Kérastase, LAGOS, Prime Video cut outSam Edelman, FIJI Water, Whispering Angel and Ferrero Rocher.

David LaChapelle dressed Victor and Rolf for the show and presented it to Doja Cat.

David Lachapelle and Doja Cat

Doja Cat:I can’t believe this! I was very inspired by my mother. I remember when I was a little girl I wouldn’t let her dress up. I am a determined person. I have struggled with fashion all my life. This was part of me from the beginning. I believe in being who you want to be, not what the world wants you to be…I am so grateful. I thank God.”

Karen Elson

Amber Valletta presented to Karen Elson.

Elson: “I am extremely grateful to receive this award, I have been a model for a very long time and I still love what I do and I love the creative community I am blessed with. This award is based on the sisterhood of models I know and love, who often don’t get the recognition they deserve as an important part of our industry. People often mistake beauty as a single trait that makes a model successful but to be a great model you have to possess more than just beauty, top models are a bit of an outsider, a collaborator, an artist, a silent film actress. , we know how to make bad clothes look good and how to convey emotion to an image. For me, that part of my job never gets old. I still get chills and I love that spark of creativity. The hardest part of this business for me, is simply the business. At 43, it took years for me to have the confidence to stand up for myself. Often this comes with being labeled as difficult but that’s okay, but expecting to be treated politely shouldn’t be an unusual request as a rule. So what I ask of you tonight is that we are in the business of breaking people or building them up, to think together about our purpose. I chose the latter. There are many people in this room who have built me ​​up over the years. That is why I am still working today. Thank you to all of you, past and present. I would like to thank my team, friends and colleagues who are helping me. It is an honor to be recognized in this way.”

Carine Roitfeld presented Lara Stone

Carine Roitfeld and Lara Stone

Carine Roitfeld: “I was immediately obsessed with Lara when we first met. It was like love at first sight. She was different from all the women at that time. It was not just her stunning face, but her anger, her fearlessness, her smile that was magnetic. Somehow she has something of Marilyn Monroe’s attention span and sensibility. We have a famous saying in French. I can’t even tell myself how many. Vogue The covers I gave to Lara. We’ve done most of my favorite pictures together and we’ve built the best relationship a fashion editor can dream of with a model. She always believes in my vision and ideas and fulfills all my craziest wishes in the best possible way. Honesty is something we should cherish in fashion and I couldn’t be more proud to present this Fashion Icon Award to you.

Ethan Hawke presented to Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher and Ethan Hawke

Fisher: “Thank you, Ethan. I am so lucky to be able to work with you and other amazingly talented actors. thank you Daily To acknowledge my work, it’s not just my work, but the support team I have that I can’t do what I do. My assistants, Amber, you are OG, Annika and Brody, bless you for always being so positive and working so hard. To all the skilled tailors who make me and my clients look our best – Jenny, Tao and Dom from 7th Bone. My agent is Alex from the Wall Group. Your programming skills are next level. I only do it for work to my friends who I don’t see enough of and who will always remember me. To my mother who always eases my stress after we talk. And if it wasn’t for my partner, I wouldn’t be here. He encouraged me to start this work and is my daily support and inspiration. I love you Michael.”

Harry Neff presented to Mel Ottenberg

Harry Neff and Mel Ottenberg

Neff: “Hi fashion, it’s day two guys, and you’re all doing amazingly sweet things. I went inside and slept well, because I hadn’t done that the night before. I was in Masbeth, Queens, at a Rave–which happened to be the best New York Fashion Week party I’ve ever seen, and I snuck into them at 16. And this party, the. Of course it was Interview magazine party, hosted by none other than Daily Front Row Editor of the Year: Mel Ottenberg. People throw parties, and you can learn a lot about Mel from the people you see miles away from Manhattan’s velvet ropes. Fashion girls were there, designers, co-producers–but also many blue chip artists, meme accounts, underground comedians, internationally known techno DJs, Harvard–
Educated sociologists, more people than I’ve ever seen in a building with a PR woman outside the building. Mel Ottenberg isn’t just a fashion editor, he’s the consummate street guy: his feet on the ground, everywhere all at once, right in the front door. There is no high or low for mail–no up or down–only, through–only to see
What he finds on the road. Mel is curious and interesting–unsatisfied, blooming but never dry. He calls me to exalt virtue. This pant, That’s what he said. Bag, in her hair That’s what he said. The 1982 film “Have You Seen? You have to! Non-negotiable. He asks me if I meet so-and-so. “She’s a major,” he tells her. Sometimes, I have, but not often, and within a year I’ll find this girl everywhere. I was that girl once. Mel put me in a fashion show a long time ago, any of you know what to do with me. When I had nothing to wear and Rihanna styled me.
His only client. Put me in the house, crying on the couch, pretending other people saw me, give me a break, wringing my hands like I was in my early twenties. “I see, you’re good too,” he would say. The word “editor” implies a reduction—a negativity—but there’s nothing negative about you, Mel. You are positive – easy and fun – and you love clothes, but you love the people in them even more. I’m honored to present the Daily Front Row Editor of the Year to my New York favorite and lifelong friend, Mel Ottenberg, People Editor.

Tosca Musk, Kimball Musk and Brooke Wall presented to May Musk

Maye Mask, Tosca Mask, Brook Wall

Wall: “Maye Musk needs no introduction – this incredible woman who inspires me and many others every day has been modeling since she was a child! And receiving the Discovery Award in 74! Mae has single handedly raised 3 of the most amazing human beings on the planet and has the best work ethic I have ever met. Her professionalism, drive, patience, intelligence, kindness and integrity shine through the minute you meet her! At the young age of 74, she knows how to party better than any rock star! I’ll never forget going to a dive bar in Paris and ordering Maye to have sex on the beach!”

Musk: “If my other son, Elon, hadn’t launched a rocket into space, he would be here tonight. I don’t think most mothers can say that.

Andrea Peter and Yannick Zamboni presented to Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum

Gunn: “Fashion has gone from being pretty, flattering clothes to being the biggest lingo.
Brand name – and all that includes. In making The Cut, you’ll see what that entails and have the added pleasure of being able to buy the winning look of each episode right then and there – and have it on your doorstep the next day. As we say, “see it/wear it”. If you can believe it, Heidi and I have worked together for 18 years, and among the many things that bind us together is our commitment to supporting up-and-coming designers, especially those promoting sustainability and gender-neutral inclusion. “

Rebecca Hessel Cohen, founder and creative director of LoveShack Fancy, presented to Sam Edelman.

Rebecca Hessel Cohen and Sam Edelman

Hessel Cohen: When Sam asked me to present this award tonight, I thought about what it means to be an innovator. An innovator is someone who sees potential where others don’t – an innovator is someone who sees beyond reality and takes the necessary risks to make their vision a reality. An indomitable force, Sam sets up the shoe business and is.
Always looking out for the next generation. His originality, unrelenting passion, dedication, and unique ability to evolve over the decades, create masterpieces, and nurture young talent is unmatched.

Edelman: As much as I’ve had incredible support to encourage me throughout my career, the most important influence I’ve had.
As an innovator I have the ability to nurture the next generation of talent. Educate, encourage, and
Imprinting on young visionaries is my legacy not only as a designer, but also as an innovator
in the industry than I could create on my own. Working with young talent is mine.
Number one pride. I am very lucky to have 70 employees when I go to the office every day and I call.
family – and the hundreds of others Libby and I have worked with throughout our lives. Rebecca, one
One of my best friends and my most respected co-creator, is a living testimony of this.
The impact of coercion on the fashion business. My group with me tonight
It’s the excitement that comes from our generation of leaders in our industry.

Katie Couric proposed to Olivia Culpo.

Culpo: “I want to give this award to all the women who have gone before me… like Katie. Behind every milestone in my career is an army of other women who have helped make the impossible feel possible. A win for one is a win for all of us, so I’d like to accept this award in honor of everyone.” And breaking down those barriers in this class is an inspiration for myself and the next generation.”

Tan France presented to Gigi Hadid and Francesca Aiello

Gigi Hadid and Francesca Aiello

Hadid: “I think collaboration has been the part of my life that has brought me the most joy. For everyone in this room, we are creative, and we understand how special those moments are.

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