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CUNY students have maintained a reputation as representatives of New York City, one of the world’s greatest fashion capitals. One of Baroch College’s students decided he wanted to redefine college fashion and highlight individuality among CUNY students.

@CunyOutfits is an anonymous student-created Instagram account dedicated to showcasing student fashion choices across all CUNY campuses. The account was created around the end of spring 2022. The student was inspired to create this account after spending his vacation at Clevener=Field Plaza on the Baroque campus.

“It’s designed like a natural runway,” the creator said in an interview with Ticker. “So that inspired me to want to showcase the students’ fashion and I thought a social media account would be the best way.”

As an international entrepreneur with a minor in marketing, he saw Instagram as the obvious choice to lay the foundation for his account’s inevitable growth.

Before becoming @CunyOutfits, the account started as @BaruchOutfits, and was dedicated to showcasing student fashion around Baruch.

“I felt it would be good to just include all of CUNY,” he said. “Other than the CUNY by Students account, there is no student-run CUNY account.”

The creator drew inspiration from other archive Instagram accounts like @blackcactusx and @hidden.ny. The latter eventually became enough to create the fashion brand Hidden NY. While the creator sees the label as a jumping off point to start his own fashion brand, it is not the main purpose of the label.

Currently, the creator’s year-end goal is to have 5,000 followers. With over 3,000 followers as of September, his goal isn’t too far off.

The creator also said that his dream collaboration would be with Kit, a fashion brand founded by Baruch alumni Ronnie Figg.

“It could be a New York City College fashion magazine,” he said. “I am working on the newsletter to take steps in this direction.”

@CunyOutfits shared the passion of student journalists to produce a free monthly subscription-based newsletter.

“It will be a more detailed output than the bill,” the creator said. “It’s just going to be a way for students to show off any artistic creativity they have.”

In an effort to increase the artistic diversity of the bill, it has already envisioned students interested in art, cinematography, journalism, photography and modeling.

In fact, @CunyOutfits launched a modeling app to connect CUNY students with NYC-based fashion brands who need models to showcase their products.

The creator is currently associated with local fashion brands Neo-Manhattan and Abstract, Jules.

After receiving nearly 300 applicants, @CunyOutfits helped Neo-Manhattan select two models for an upcoming photo shoot.

While it’s easy to show up to class in sweatpants, the creator wants to encourage all students to look their best.

“If you’re good, you feel good,” he said. “And if you feel good, you’ll have a better attitude that day.”

Fast fashion makes it easy for many students to do this. But the account has come under fire for often featuring students wearing fast fashion brands, with some followers accusing them of dressing the students in the post. However, the inventor believes that this is an unfair standard against college students.

“I grew up in New York City and the Bronx, so I can testify to that,” he said. “Not everyone can afford fashion, but fashion doesn’t have to be entry-level. Everyone should be able to participate.”

Despite the negative effects of fast fashion, the creator recognizes that it helps make the fashion industry more accessible and relieves college students of financial hardship. For that reason, @CunyOutfits is not against using it to develop one’s style.

They also suggest using social media as it takes time to develop. Encourage them to find their favorite accounts to use as a source of inspiration.

The creator also suggests identifying a hobby and matching your look to that hobby as a starting point for dressing your best. For example, before getting into fashion, the creator loved skateboarding and watching other skateboarders in parks helped him develop a style that fit that genre.

During the summer, @CunyOutfits is primarily produced through direct mail submissions. As the semester continues, the creator plans to visit classrooms to display students’ costumes as they walk between classrooms. In addition to increasing the excitement of getting recognition from an Instagram page, it also allows viewers to see first-hand how students are getting to class.

Increasing popularity @CunyOutfits The change is inevitable Culture College student fashion. @CunyOutfits isn’t just about showing off a student.S individuality, But creating a community for students from all walks of life to grow as stylists.


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