Former Israeli and American fighter pilots started a new model of business leadership training


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The world’s largest F-35 simulator facility is located in the center of NYC

new york, September 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Squadron, an elite group of Israeli and American veteran fighter pilots, announced today the launch of its business leadership training program in a custom-designed, 14,000-square-foot space at 7 World Trade Center. In collaboration with a real estate development company Silverstein properties And utilizing the legendary capabilities and values ​​of the Israeli Air Force, the squadron deployed 18 military-grade F-35 fighter jet simulators. Lockheed Martin Software for training corporate teams in high pressure decision making.

Squadron’s proposition rests on a fundamental market challenge: Corporate leadership training is sufficient to draw. 200 billion dollars in a year America From businesses – but a 2019 Harvard Business Review According to studies, ten percent of the programs produce tangible results.

Founder and CEO of Squadron Kobi Regev The difference maker said his history as a senior commander in the Israeli Air Force: “As an F-16 pilot with over 4,500 flight hours and over 500 missions, I understand that flying the aircraft well is only one small part.” About our success. What made a difference was the unique, mission-driven culture of the IAF that allowed people to flourish.

“This is the spirit we bring to Squadron, a center of excellence where careful and meticulous preparation makes for an enjoyable experience and learning from mistakes ensures we do better every time,” he said.

Squadron’s signature methodology helps leaders develop a simple-yet-effective plan to identify the root causes of mistakes and how to avoid them, while keeping an eye on the actual leadership goals and challenges they face. They learn to work together as a team to build resilience, overcome fear of failure, and accelerate performance.

The experiential training platform uses the world’s only fully physical F-35 simulators – each worth multi-million dollars – to enhance learning effectiveness in real-time, eight-second, stress-tested and mission-driven environments. Newly developed technologies allow for a blended approach to learning: clients can fully participate in Squadron training in both in-person and remote sessions.

Squadron plans to expand to 17 cities around the world, focusing on the US.

“It doesn’t take a fighter pilot alone to understand that the world is a chaotic place. CEOs, especially today, live in perpetual change and chaos,” he said. David SableSquadron Advisor and International CEO VMli and R. If you want to survive and even thrive in the post-Covid business realities, you cannot rely solely on case studies or conventional corporate training. You need real-time experience that lets you learn by doing. With new and exciting challenges, and that push you out of your comfort zone to facilitate real growth. This is what Squadron offers.

Workshops range from three- to eight-hour sessions as well as multi-day programs, all built around a flight simulator experience and 360-degree virtual mixed reality, followed by detailed instructions that allow teams to review how they can achieve their goals. Improve their joint efforts.

“I am very proud that Squadron has made its new home here at 7 World Trade Center,” he said. Tal Kerret, president of Silverstein Properties, owner and manager of the building. “The role that good leadership plays in business and society is more important now than ever. Squadron has identified powerful strategies to improve those qualities and refine the enjoyable flying experience.”

Over the past four years, nearly 1,000 companies have benefited from The Squadron’s training IsraelMost are returning for additional sessions, including The Coca-Cola Company, Google, Microsoft and PwC.

“I was lucky enough to have a training session with the Squadron recently and I really wasn’t sure what to expect,” he said. Randy Garutti, CEO of Shake Shack. “What does the F-35 simulator teach us about leadership? But I quickly realized that in addition to being just a ton of fun, the lessons the Squadron team shares have applications throughout our work. We’re experiencing the excitement and challenge of global flight operations. The most advanced flight simulators and discussions with expert mission commanders; You can see yourself and your team leading in new and exciting ways. I can’t wait to come back and bring a larger team with me!”

About Squadron

Squadron’s proprietary management training method is tailored for businesses at one of the world’s most prestigious organizations, in one of the world’s most complex environments – the Israeli Air Force. Squadron equips leaders and teams with the habits and behaviors that drive personal and team excellence: leading with mission focus, collaborating with faith, learning by doing, and improving actionable feedback. During F-35 flight missions, Squadron Workshops transforms management training into a real-time, high-impact experience with faster learning and tangible business results than traditional, case study-based classroom executive education programs. Squadron instructors are U.S. and IAF pilots who act as executives in high-risk situations – often without clear information and facing real-time, fluid environments.

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