Monkey Vaccination Motivates Racial Diversity Gay Black Health Worker.


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From clubs to churches, a black health worker’s push to increase vaccination rates in the community faces resistance.

Johnnie Wilson, an employee of the Mecklenburg County Health Department, speaks with an individual about the rabies vaccine at the 2022 Charlotte Pride Festival. (Logan Cyrus for The Washington Post)

charlotte – After shutting down the city’s streets for Pride weekend, Johnny Wilson turned to his next target: a young man walking alone with a plastic crown and a rainbow backpack. A 31-year-old county health worker was on a mission to find gay black men. Vaccination Resist Monkey disease.

He relied on hip-hop beats from a nearby drag performance to create his voice.

“You can get it today. It’s free,” said Wilson, wearing a T-shirt that says “Ask me about the MPX vaccine,” peeking out from a pair of rainbow-embellished white jeans.

of The rare virus of the summer It has been exposed how disproportionately infectious diseases affect blacks Men who have sex with menEspecially in the south and the health care system is struggling to provide them Fair protection. The differences are particularly wide. In North Carolina, 67 percent of leprosy cases are black. issues But only 27 percent. Vaccination.

North Carolina officials are trying to close the gap by bringing vaccines directly to those who need them — shooting after Sunday services at churches with a predominantly gay black congregation and at historically black colleges and universities, in addition to August Pride celebrations.

Wilson listened carefully to 28-year-old Avery Brister Data analyst Visiting from Wisconsin, he probed him with questions, his voice full of emphasis. How easily is the vaccine available here at home in a short period of time? Does a government that historically oppresses black and LGBTQ people have its best interests at heart? Why is it singled out?

Ask the post: What questions do you have about monkeypox?

“We’re very limited with what we have, we want to make sure we get vaccines to the right people.” Wilson explained. “I don’t approach just anyone.”

Brister admits he would benefit from the vaccine, which causes painful, unsightly sores and can be spread through close contact, especially sex. But he is deeply suspicious of the government. And Wilson represents the government.

Wilson is in many ways the perfect messenger. spent Nearly a decade in public health to help Black men get tested and treated for HIV.

Struggling to come to terms with his sexuality as a teenager, Wilson was diagnosed with HIV at age 13 and practiced daily in hospital with MND pills and swallowing pills. In his early 20s, he stopped receiving treatment because of a violent relationship, and group therapy run by the AIDS organization RAIN helped him maintain his care. He got a job at RAIN, working his way up from case manager to director of outreach, attending every treatment appointment with other black gay men with HIV.

At RAIN, Wilson spent weekend nights outside clubs offering free HIV testing and built relationships with party activists to promote public health.

Monkey disease is reawakening old fears — and the ways gay men treat each other

So when Wilson started a new job at the Mecklenburg County Health Department in June, when the first cases of monkeypox were identified, he proposed offering vaccinations — not just information — outside nightclubs serving black gay men.

“We have to go to the community,” Wilson said. “We can’t wait for the community to call and make an appointment.”

The taboo surrounding homosexuality among some African Americans complicates efforts to prevent monkeypox. Activists say. Vaccination eligibility screening questions that ask people who have had multiple male sexual encounters may keep black men from getting shots.

People who need vaccines have a hard time finding transportation and vacation time – because of structural racial inequality – to get them. Two shots are needed for full protectionWeeks are offered at certain points in the day.

At the national level, only 11 percent Blacks are among the few Americans vaccinated against monkeypox. 38 percent In early September, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed the number of new cases — the highest of any racial demographic.

Black men who have sex with men The risk of contracting monkeypox is highExperts say – not because they are more promiscuous, but because they have smaller sexual networks, which allows the virus to spread more easily.

The Biden administration announced recently It makes for 50,000 vaccine doses with local governments Programs focused on reaching communities of color.

Charlotte Pride Celebrations, It was the first in two years to celebrate gay life after the coronavirus pandemic halted large public gatherings and provided an opportunity to bring vaccines directly to black audiences. The federal government had provided it to the county. 2,000 for the weekend just like a Test program To expand coverage at large LGBTQ events.

But As Wilson would soon discover, the challenge wasn’t just access. He was also breaking down the opposition.

The line to get into the Scorpio was snapped in the parking lot by 11 a.m. Saturday. Wilson worked the crowd as partygoers waited to get into Charlotte’s most popular gay clubs.

“Your skin is too beautiful not to have a bump on it,” he appeals to vanity when describing the lesions that affect monkey disease.

Steps away, spotlights shone on a deserted makeshift vaccination clinic run by more than a dozen of Wilson’s colleagues.

While he was able to convince some black men to take their shots, Wilson faced many rejections.

One said, “I’m not ready yet.”

“I’m not afraid. I just want more information first,” he said. Another, after first agreeing – then backing out – firing.

“Any herb can clear this up,” insisted another.

Wilson, who prefers staying indoors and shooting aliens in video games to partying, decides to spend Pride weekend in the clubs, partying nonstop. He has patiently tried to assuage paranoia about the government’s intervention in gay, black spaces and the sincerity of their interests. He understands the distrust many black Americans have in the medical establishment; The grandmother always waits until the last minute, when the pain is unbearable, to see a doctor, and when asked personal questions such as smoking, she does not come.

Biden’s early covid vaccine campaign was met with opposition in black communities.

The previous night, Wilson and his colleagues had convinced only 23 people to shoot. They had enough for 150.

Facing another slow night, the supervisor comes to him with a request: take the message to the club.

at midnight, Wilson entered the Scorpio and stood in the middle of the dance floor, beneath rainbow flags hanging from Corinthian columns.

Microphone in hand, Wilson gave a rude salute to Pride, drawing boos from the crowd. He began an equally obscene push to get vaccinated, emphasizing the safety of the vaccine.

Wilson asked, “Where does this vaccine come from?” If you have any questions, it’s here. “We want to make sure everyone is safe, so get out there.”

RAIN’s former boss, who helped him get his HIV test as a teenager, grabbed the microphone, promising free returns and a $25 gift card to anyone who took a vacation from the festival.

No one moved to the exit and the waiting tables of the health department outside.

Wilson wondered what had gone wrong. Maybe people were standing in nightclubs with nurses and needles loose. Perhaps there were too many bright lights and exposed tables. Maybe they should have offered a chance to schedule a vaccination during the day.

He convinced Wilson to stand in one more line and shoot before his colleagues began packing up unused syringes and vials of vaccine.

At the next day’s Pride parade, the rainbow-clad shirtless man and bow tie — one of the 40 blacks who eventually received the Scorpio vaccine — greeted Wilson with gratitude. “I’m not dead,” said the man.

Wilson experienced the smallest victory. He was exhausted from working at 1am two nights in a row. He stopped at the intersection, picking up the passing parade floats. He waved at Grand Marshall, the founder of RAIN. He blew kisses to the LGBTQ youth nonprofit he once worked with. He ran into the street to hug his former dance teacher as he marched with the flag fighters.

Then he returned to work.

At the end of the weekend, the county health department vaccinated 540 people People – below 2,000 available sizes. But the rollout helped narrow racial disparities: blacks made up 40 percent of the newly vaccinated; Whites make up 46 percent.

Even when he was rejected, Wilson chose to see Success. He learned from years of HIV transmission that simply planting a seed is a victory. Every engagement was an opportunity. Some vowed to get their shot, not on the night they planned to drink and dance. The rest of the doubts about the history and effect of the vaccine have been scientifically answered. Wilson hopes they’ll be more willing to vaccinate next time they get a chance.

In some cases, his persistence paid off.

A pride participant is visiting from Wisconsin Wilson accused him of being a predator targeting black people at a festival attended by tens of thousands of people from across the country, and the health worker calmly reassured the young man that he was trying to reach the people who needed the most protection. Wilson knew Brister was testing him, and he hoped to pass the challenge by relying on sharing facts. Even if Brister returns home and struggles to get the second injection of the two-dose regimen, some protection is better than none, Wilson tells him.

Your monkey disease questions have been answered

After 15 minutes Brister relented. “Let’s go,” he said.

The clinic was a mile away. Wilson worried that Brister would lose interest if he had to move that far alone.

So Wilson started going with him. Half a block later, they saw Lim’s scooter parked on the sidewalk. Wilson activated the scooter with his phones and signaled Brister to jump off.

As they zoomed away from the festival, Brister latched onto Wilson’s back, en route, to finally get the shot.


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