Persistence of fashion in uncertain times


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Not only did our beloved news editor Beth Wright bid us farewell after six years, but the week began with an English Prime Minister and Queen (may she finally rest in peace after a long and impressive career). And it ended with the new prime minister and king.

Rising inflation and the Ukraine-Russia war have created uncertainty around the world.

Why fashion should tackle sustainability in uncertain times.

However, the devastating floods in Pakistan highlight why it is incredibly important for all industries, and especially for one as incredibly important as the fashion industry, not to drop the ball in these uncertain times when it comes to sustainability and tackling climate change.

Pakistan’s Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal said 45% of the cotton crop had been washed away by the floods, which could raise concerns among global garment manufacturers and retailers as the world’s fifth-largest producer of cotton.

The garment industry is trying to cope with the global shortage of cotton so this will increase prices in the coming months.

In a special commentary, Gherzi Textil Organization partner Bob Antoshak asks: Is sustainability sustainable given the realities of today’s economy?

And promoting sustainability measures to fashion consumers in these uncertain times is just as challenging.

Last week, the Sustainable Apparel Alliance (SAC) confirmed that discussions with the Norwegian Consumer Authority (NCA) on how to communicate environmental information to consumers are well under way, after the previous Hig transparency program was halted over concerns that it led to misleading green. Claims from brands.

These discussions are healthy and we look forward to seeing how they impact the wider sector in the coming months.

It is important for the fashion industry to realize that climate change does not wait for pandemics, wars or periods of uncertainty to end. It is more important than ever for the global apparel and textile sector to push through its green efforts, bearing in mind that higher costs will pay off in the future.

Experts have warned that the price of cotton will increase due to the floods in Pakistan

As the world’s fifth largest producer of cotton, countries around the world are likely to feel the effects of the devastating floods in Pakistan in recent weeks, disrupting cotton supplies and raising prices.

Sustainability in an age of uncertainty

We live in uncertain times and with this uncertainty comes a shaky economy and challenging business environment for the apparel industry, but what does sustainability mean, asks Robert Antshak, partner at Gerzi Textiles.

SAC investigates how to communicate green information to consumers.

The Sustainable Apparel Alliance (SAC) said Norway’s competition watchdog group is continuing to explore ways to communicate environmental information to consumers after general claims must be adequately documented and qualified based on environmental data.

BGMEA, Jeanologia have collaborated in promoting green technologies

Bangladesh’s garment industry is stepping up its commitment to sustainability with a new partnership with Spanish sustainable technology company Jeanologia.

Primark entered the menopause clothing market with a new range

Nike Forward is said to be the most important innovation since Dri-Fit.

Tesco to remove shoes from F&F supply

Zalando, Decathlon accelerates the footwear revolution with the Ratios initiative.

For the rest of 2022, US revenues will fall below last year

3D printing technology to improve the situation for garment workers

The British Fashion Council examines the growing issue of returns.

A leather work team is about to start a chain of custody.

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