What is the relationship between fashion brands and blockchain technology? Ecological assessment through the lens of a fashion brand


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Leandro Lopes (LLL) is a multi-dimensional and authentic upcoming fashion brand that builds credibility through high quality and unique individual designs. Leandro Lopes is not just fashion or clothes. Leandro Lopes embodies a unique spirit and lifestyle that drives people to connect. Leandro Lopes has huge potential because of his popular and influential community and their community of over 20 million followers. Many market participants consider Leandro Lope to be one of the fastest growing fashion brands in 2022.


Leandro Lopes embraces the values ​​​​of producing only in Europe, establishing many flagship products such as sneakers, tops, pants and other shoes made of high quality materials. The López family has a long history of shoe factories and businesses since 1962. The production of all LL products takes place exclusively in factories in Portugal.

To accelerate the growth and globalization of the LL-Fashion business, Leandro Lopes Group has decided to launch the $Lopes token and cryptocurrency-based infrastructure through an Initial Token Offering (“LL-ITO” or “ITO”) using blockchain technology. ).

The funds raised by LL-Aito will be used for investments: opening various LL flagship stores and expanding the fashion business in America and Asia.

Leandro Lopes Token ($Lopes) and Lopes LL-ecosystem

The Leandro Lopes token (“$Lopes”) is a utility token based on ERC-20 blockchain technology. The Polygon Blockchain is a public blockchain used to receive and send $Lopes tokens.

The $Lopes token forms a key agent for the entire LL-ecosystem. It is innovative and combines the physical presence of the Leandro Lopes brand with the virtual. NFTs, metaverse and other digital assets are the main things that customers can use to enter the virtual fashion space, where they can wear virtual shoes, clothes and other items in the currently booming avatar ecosystem. The LL-Ecosystem offers many new opportunities for customers to monetize the $Lopes token and NFTs offered through the Lopes LL-Ecosystem.

$Lopes token holders receive discounts and loyalty rewards by purchasing Leandro Lopes products.


Each pair of shoes carries a unique identification number. Successful buyers of these shoes are eligible to receive a virtual copy in the form of an NFT, a virtual certificate of ownership that runs on the Blockchain. Each NFT verifies its owner by type, amount, date of purchase, etc.

Owners of NFTs and $Lopes shoes have the right to participate in the Loyalty and LL-Status program developed by the issuer.


Leandro Lopes Holding AG plans to introduce LL-Metaverse by the end of 2023, which is directly related to the launch of Leandro Lopes’ digital luxury suite that is ideally suited to the virtual environment.

LL-Metaverse offers virtual social spaces where participants can interact, meet community members and celebrities, play games, attend Leandro Lopes fashion events and purchase items within the Leandro Lopes product offering.

Mining of $Lopes

The $Lopes shoe enables the withdrawal of $Lopes tokens. The number of tokens produced per day depends on the number of steps users take per day and the amount of $Lopes in the LL-mining pool on a given day.

The $Lopes -Ecosystem includes a unique savings program. Holders of $Lopes have the option of using their $Lopes for charitable purposes, subject to a limited withdrawal period. This view limit must be 1 year or a full multiple in order to maintain a certain status in the Lopes Status Program. Separately, $Lopes owners may choose to have $Lopes My $Lopes for a time limit of their choosing, such as 30, 60, 90, 120 or more days. The stock yield of $Lopes Tokens used for stocks is 8% per year. During ownership, $Lopes tokens are not eligible for shares.

Initially, token holders can earn up to $2,000 per day from mining, but the reward amount will increase as new features are added, such as game components and other products. After all, token holders get a possible daily income of 2.000 USD.

Terms and conditions of the $Lopes offer

The standard selling price of one $Lopes is $0.25. The minimum purchase during the private pre-sale is €100,000 after discount.

During the private pre-sale period (July 4 to September 30, 2022), a 30 percent discount will be applied to the sale price, resulting in an effective price of $0.175 per Lopes.

The private sale phase will be followed by the public pre-sale phase (October 1 to December 31, 2022). The minimum purchase is $100. Discounts are offered based on the purchase price paid. For example, if someone buys $1,000 of Lopes, the discount is 10 percent, and for purchases of $15,000 or more, the discount is 25 percent.

The Lopes Issue aims to raise up to CHF 25 million, which will mainly be used to expand the Leandro Lopes business into the US and Asia, open Leandro Lopes flagship stores, and market. Objectives.


Leandro Lopes is a good example of how the fashion brand and the digital economy have entered our world, finding new applications. LL-Ecosystem strives to create a fundamentally new way of communicating with customers.

If you want to be a part of it, welcome to the private or public presale. The private presale runs until September 30, and the public presale is available until December 31, 2022.

Note: Investment in cryptocurrency and crypto assets is subject to financial risk and readers should exercise their own caution. Entrepreneur Media does not support such investment.


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