DapperQ hosted the ‘biggest queer show’ in fashion week history


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For dinner with these peach sundaes, I’m making mango cashew chicken stir-fry (I don’t have regular access to a grill, so I use the same recipe and bake them for 7 minutes) and it’s done. Happiness.

Queer as in F*ck You

Three queer people walk the runway at the Dapper q fashion show: a black woman with short hair in a dress, a white mask over a red turtleneck, an Asian woman in a pink dress.  The runway is purple.

Photos by @thestreetsensei

DapperQ, ‘The Biggest Queer Fashion Show’ Returns to New York Fashion Week Last Thursday, on the opening day of New York Fashion Week, Dapper K, the popular queer style website, presented a queer alternative to the “traditional binary of men/women shows” (in their press release) with eight designer, 70+ model queers. Fashion show at NYC’s Brooklyn Museum. The exhibit, “Bloom,r,” returns to the Brooklyn Museum after a two-year hiatus. Over 14,000 tickets have been sold and it has become the largest New York Fashion Week (NYFW) runway event to showcase queer style. (For more fashion week coverage, the best street style from New York Fashion Week)

Black gay men have a disproportionate share of HIV but struggle to get vaccines

The Boston Marathon will add an option for non-binary runners next year. Non-binary runners, either male or female, will not be required to register for the 2023 Boston Marathon, race organizers said.

I just signed up for this Banned Books Queer Authors Roundtable and thought you might want to know about it, because it sounds really cool. you can Register directly here.

Speaking of queer authors, Roxanne Gay interviewed Blueberry Milman Gay about her dog Maximus Toretto, and I know you’ll want to read it because queer people have historically loved pets, and they love Roxanne Gay.

I saw this, thinking about you

The WNBA has been behind on media rights deals. “The league is experiencing unprecedented growth, including its longest regular season in 14 years.” I have to say, I’m a part of this growth – this year, not only did I get into the WNBA, but I got two other guys into the WNBA, and I know we say it a lot, but this is the league. So gay And so good And I really like it. You all should watch.

(I usually put this below Queer as F*ck youBut I wanted to group basketball news together: ‘Great Stories, Great Coverage’: Sue Bird, Geno Auriemma, Dawn Staley and more pay tribute to MA Voepel ahead of HOF award. MA Voepel, who is trans, has been the definitive historian of women’s basketball for over 30 years, and you can read more about him here: MA Voepel Is the Gold Standard)

The economics behind ‘silence’ – and what we should call it instead

Call every alarm. Stop what you’re doing. Read this: 15 minutes with Grace Jones. Icon. fairy tale.

How rising rents hit the stock market, today was the biggest drop in two years.

How to get rid of back acne

A political snack

Supreme Court Will Fight Whether Religious Schools Can Discriminate Against LGBTQ People “Yeshiva University and the U.U. Pride Alliance are serious about how much immunity religious institutions should have from the law.”

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