Ionia Expo includes a fashion show gathered in downtown boutiques


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According to Jennifer Ross, owner of Thread, White & Blue Boutique, flared jeans will be in style this fall, as opposed to bell bottoms. The boutique is hosting a fashion show on Saturday during the Ionia Expo. – Submitted photo

IONIA – Thread, White & Blue Boutique and Mane Stage Salon & Spa are teaming up for a fashion show Saturday afternoon at the Ionia Expo.

The fashion show is used to showcase all the unique clothes in the boutique, as well as the hair and makeup skills of the staff at the Mane Stage salon.

Jennifer Ross and her daughter Santana Weaver are the owners of Yarn, White and Blue Boutique, part of Grand Ionia Antiques, 313 W. Main Saint intends to dress the models in the latest fall fashion from their store, including clothing, jewelry and shoes.

Jean jackets are in style this fall, along with long coats and Frankenstein suits called “jackets.”

A jacket is almost like a flannel shirt, but it’s a jacket,” explains Ross. “The flan is very soft, long and has a hood.”

This fall’s fashion pants will be high-waisted jeans with flared or wide leg cuts.

Not the bottom of the bell, because the bottom of the bell was really big, like a big bell,” Ross said. “Flats are slightly wider than boot cuts. Most jeans this season are high-waisted, but we try to keep some high-rise and mid-rise jeans because people’s bodies are different. We also carry a variety of skinny jeans and a couple of ‘boyfriend style’ pieces. There are so many different cuts and styles! “

In jewelry and shoes, the boutique features some local businesses and some hard-to-find national brands like Corky Shoes.

“Some of the jewelry was made by a girl in Greenville called ‘Sage and Clay,'” Ross said. “Another girl from my country makes Jonesy Scrunchies. We have some boots, shoes and slip on techniques.

The family-owned clothing store opened less than a year ago. Overall, Ross describes the boutique’s clothing style as “dressy but casual,” adding, “We don’t do grunge!” he said.

“We try to choose things that appeal to different ages and styles, because if you want to look a little more stylish,” Ross said.

We pick and choose all our clothes ourselves,” Weaver said. “Basically, we stock a little bit of everything. That way, we hope that everyone who comes into the store is looking for something.”

We hope the fashion show will be a good exposure for people of different ages to see what we have and what they can put together with our clothes.

At Mane Stage Salon & Spa, 309 W. Main St., cosmetologists do hair and makeup for the models during the fashion show. According to salon owner Ashley Shattuck, the “natural” look is in this year in the world of hair and makeup.

We have models from their 20s to their 50s, so not everyone will have the same look, but ‘natural’ will be more like a boho (bohemian) look,” Shattuck explains. “We want to make the women feel good and comfortable, that way we can show what’s in style and what’s going to fail.”

During the exhibition, the salon will sell on many name brand style products.

We’re really looking forward to this,” Shattuck said. “We always want to have a fashion show, and we’re excited to partner with a local store. We hope to be able to do this again next year or spring.”

The fashion show will be held at the Ionia Expo block party from 12:10 pm to 12:30 pm.



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