NAVER Z Joins Tech Coalition to Prevent Sexual Exploitation and Child Abuse Online


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SEONGNAM, South Korea, September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NAVER Z (KRX:035420), a subsidiary of Naver Corporation, announced today that the company has joined a tech alliance to prioritize the safety of children and young people in Zepeto. of Asia The largest platform of Metaverse. The Tech Coalition is a coalition of global technology companies working to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse on the Internet and digital platforms, and more than 20 global IT companies, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Meta, have joined forces.

As a member of the Tech Consortium, NAVER Z joins 27 companies working to develop new technologies, fund new research, report and create a more integrated and collaborative approach to protecting children online.

For ZEPETO’s youth users, NAVER Z has updated community guidelines, which indicate that minor safety violations will be assessed with higher levels and severity, and published a Guardian Guide to equip parents, guardians, and caregivers to help keep youth users safe. . NaverZ’s global trust and safety team is working around the clock to develop tools and resources to prevent, detect and remove accounts involved in child sexual exploitation and abuse.

In addition to its partnerships with tech alliances, NAVER Z is partnering with international online safety professionals and organizations, including ConnectSafely, the Trust and Safety Professional Association and BBB national programs.

NAVER Z is committed to promoting the Voluntary Principles for Preventing Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Online – a high-level framework developed by the Ministers of the Five Nations (Australia, Canada, New ZealandUK and US) in consultation with leading experts to take joint action to prevent these harms to children.

“We are excited to join the Tech Coalition and join our peers in the fight against online child sexual exploitation and abuse,” he said. Daewook Man“ZEPETO is a platform that allows users to connect and create beyond the boundaries of the physical world. Our key responsibility is to ensure that ZEPETO is a safe and fun place for our community, especially our young users. To create without harm, as a member of the coalition, we use technology to keep children safe online.” , we contribute to industry-wide initiatives to develop policy, research and tools.

“From our first conversation with Naver Z, their strong commitment to protecting the children who use their platform is clear,” he says. Sean Litton, Director General of the Technology Alliance. “We look forward to working with them and enriching their knowledge as part of our concerted effort to create a digital world where children can play, learn and explore freely without fear of harm.”


NAVER Z launched the Metaverse platform ZEPETO August 2018It attracts users in more than 200 countries around the world. Creators and builders use ZEPETO Studio to connect with 340 million users worldwide, growing at 40% yoy. More than 95% of users are millennials and Gen Z from outside of Korea, which shows the promise of the virtual platform’s future growth. ZEPETO is collaborating with fashion and beauty companies including BVLGARI. Ralph LaurenGucci and Nike, international entertainment agencies and pop stars, such as TinyTAN, Selena Gomez, BLACKPINK and NMIXX as well as companies such as Starbucks, Samsung and Hyundai Motor Company. Launched in 2020, ZEPETO Studio allows ZEPETO users to monetize their creations. More than 175 million items have been sold, building a new creative economy.

About the combination of tech

The Tech Alliance facilitates the global technology industry’s fight against child sexual abuse and exploitation. A consortium of technology companies of various sizes and sectors, members of the Technology Consortium work together to advance critical advances in technology and copy best practices to keep children safe online. The coalition brings together and aligns the global technology industry by combining their knowledge and expertise to help all members better prevent, detect, report and eliminate child sexual abuse online. The alliance represents a powerful hub of knowledge that will move the technology industry towards a secure digital world.



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