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Each spring, the Office of International Student Affairs, in partnership with the International Student Council and Undergraduate Student Government, presents an international talent and fashion show.

The International Talent and Fashion Show allows international students to showcase their talents and cultural fashion to local and international students. The event will represent 11 different countries with over 20 performers including children, undergraduates and postgraduates.

“There was a strong desire from international students to share some of their culture with each other and with local students, staff and faculty,” said Ash Mieru, director of international student affairs. Many students are proud of where they are from, and want to show some things to the American students here.

Performers from Bangladesh, India, Iran, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, South Korea, Nigeria and more showcased their skills and fashions from traditional costumes to modern costumes and musical instruments to magic tricks. The room was filled with excitement as people danced to the musical numbers and clapped to the rhythm of the instruments.

“It’s like you bring the whole world to the stage. So you see the profile of every culture and country in a few minutes,” said Tasnim Al-Naimi, president of the International Student Council. “You come in and leave filled with the Spirit.”

Students from Nigeria perform at the International Student Talent Show. (Ashley Caudill)

Ogulkeik Hudaiberdiyeva, a sophomore communications major, performed a traditional song from her native Turkmenistan.

“I wanted people to hear what kind of music and songs we make in Turkmenistan,” Hudaiberdiyeva said. “I really wanted people to hear beats and words in my native language.”

Each show allowed the audience to see aspects of each culture. One of the shows featured four different tribes from Nigeria and introduced the facts of what differentiates each tribe from the others.

“Every culture is very beautiful,” Al-Naimi said. “Yes, we’re different, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have similarities. So such events can show humanity to each other.

One of the many aims of the event is to bring together international students and local students to share cultures and experiences.

“There’s a lot of interest from American students here just to learn more about the world and experience new things,” Miera said. “There’s been a lot of emphasis on intercultural programs over the years and this is a great example of a program that really exemplifies intercultural communication.”

The international talent and fashion show is one of the many events that the university organizes for international students on campus, which helps them feel welcome and at home.

“Such events are very important because we come from countries far away from the ocean,” Hudayberdieva said. This is one of the many ways KSU makes international students feel welcome.

Ashley Caudill is a reporter. her in [email protected]

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