Israeli, UAE companies collaborate on high-tech recruitment.


Israeli and Emirati companies have teamed up to create a technology recruitment platform in the latest bilateral deal stemming from the 2020 Abraham Accords formalization agreement.

Founded by Herzliya-headquartered Viola Group and Abu Dhabi Artificial Intelligence Company, Global Valley offers a recruitment platform that covers a number of technology areas, including specializations such as AI and machine learning.

The Abu Dhabi-based partnership aims to provide global companies with the resources to recruit leading technology candidates, creating a fast-growing recruiting ecosystem for startups around the world.

Companies can use the platform to hire and integrate Abu Dhabi-based workers into their workplace.

“We believe that this initiative will have a great impact on the development of the region. Technology will continue to be a significant force of change at the global level, and now is the time to invest in the infrastructure that provides technology cubans in Israel and internationally, and to support and support their future development. Activities in the region” said Viola founder and general partner Avi Zvi.

G42 CEO Peng Xiao welcomed the partnership as an opportunity to promote growth in Abu Dhabi.

“We are confident that when the company starts operations in the region, it will bring economic growth and inspire the next technology leaders here and globally,” Xiao said.


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