Jennifer Lopez credits Ben Affleck for giving her red carpet fashion advice.


Ben AffleckThe king of awards memes and number one Dunkin’ Donuts fan has played a hidden role in some of our favorite red carpet fashion moments. Speaking with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos during an appearance on “Kelly & Mark Live” on May 5 Jennifer Lopez Affleck revealed that she moonlights as her personal stylist behind the scenes.

“But sometimes he jokes with me and says, ‘Where’s the rest of his shirt?’

“Yeah, he absolutely does,” Lopez confirmed, laughing, when Consulos Affleck asked her if she would give her fashion advice. Similarly, Affleck is brutally honest about his former co-stars, not shying away from criticizing Lopez’s style.

He doesn’t come to meetings or anything like that, but if I’m wearing it and I feel like we’re going to the red carpet or a big event – just like he did. [“Air”] Premier – I’m like, ‘Do you like this or this?’ And he’s like, ‘I like it,’ or ‘Oh! This is much better on you than the other.’ Sometimes it’s not what I think it’s funny.” For the record, Lopez looked amazing at the “Air” premiere in a neon green Antonio Grimaldi dress covered in crystal beading.

When asked if Ripa Affleck has a different set of criteria — namely, whether he prefers sexy clothes — Lopez explained that her husband lives in the moment when it comes to fashion. “I don’t think he chooses either,” Lopez said. He jokes with me sometimes, and is like, “Where’s the rest of his shirt?” or things like that. And I’m like, ‘This has nothing else to do.’

Since the beginning of her career, JLo has been crushing the fashion game – Google Images was inspired by her viral green Versace dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards. She recently rocked an open-back Ralph Lauren dress at the Met Gala, and she’s been delivering memorable style moments for weeks on end. (See: 6-inch invisible Valentino platforms.) While Affleck has some input into her style choices, we know the final product is all Lopez.


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