Jonas Hill, praised by mental health professionals for sharing anxiety – deadline


Jonas Hill He recently received praise for sharing that he has decided to step away from promoting his films in order to defend them. Mental health.

Later of Very bad An official letter shared by the star opened on the last dayTwo psychologists, who said he had suffered from depression for 20 years and had been exacerbated by media exposure and public appearances, told the BBC of the importance of the message to a wider audience.

Dr. Sandra Wheatley told the BBC: “Many losers are actually prepared to bounce back.”

She said that every time celebrities went out in public, they would constantly perform. “But when they’re off stage, they go back to who they are. So celebrities have to remember this person in the media is the impersonator you are, not who you are as an individual and it can be hard to balance.

Counseling psychologist Dr Elena Bailey agrees that celebrities are “very vulnerable” in the public eye and that it is “self-preservation” to hold back, as Hill did.

“This is because the focus and opinions and opinions on your life can have a huge impact on your mental health and can cause a lot of anxiety, negative thoughts, depression symptoms,” she said.

Hill is just getting started. Stutza documentary about their time with a therapist and about mental health in general, over the fall holidays, but doesn’t introduce them at all.

Tom Holland And Ryan Reynolds Here are two other stars who shared their stressful experiences. Spider-Man Star Holland recently announced he was taking a break from social media because he found it “absurd”.


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