Julia Fox puts herself though fire for the sake of fashion

Uncut Gems” actress Julia Fox uploaded a video to Instagram recently in which she is wearing a pitch black coat with a sweeping train and on top of a black leotard, now what stands out is that the coat is lit on fire!

In the Instagram post, she reveals that her son was conceived in that very rooftop

“My son was conceived on this rooftop,” she wrote on the caption of the video while adding the fire emoji and calling the outfit a “pyro coat” while giving props to the coat’s designer Sam Macer, and her stylist Briana Andalore.

The song that was playing was Char by the band Crystal Castles

During the video which was recorded by the artist Ben Draghi the song Char by Crystal Castles can be heard while the camera looks over the sweeping train and to everyone’s surprise, it’s on fire, then if that wasn’t enough the camera pans to the actress and the sleeves start to combust as well, she then proceeds to move them around as if creating a charred living statue

He gave an interview about the piece

Sam Mercer contacted the Page Six fashion outlet to tell all about the fiery attire, “The coat is leather and the sleeves and train are wrapped in stretched steel wool that is typically used by carpenters and mechanics,” Macer explained.

“When the pieces burn, the steel wool disintegrates and exposes the undergarment in the process. But it burns at a low temperature making it possible to have in close proximity to the body,” the designer expressed.

It can burn more than once

Mercer also told that it can be lit on fire more than once “Due to sleeve covers and linings, the pieces can be burned multiple times,” however the steel wool would have to be reapplied “it requires re-wrapping of the steel wool between each burning.”

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