Julia Fox takes her fans on a slim fashion journey from Paris in her new Tik Tok.


By Jarrett Thomas Sachsman and Amy Lamere and Eve Buckland for DailyMail.com

06:02 31 May 2023, Updated 06:03 31 May 2023

Julia Fox returned from the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday and treated her fans to ‘second hand vintage’ fashion from Paris.

The 33-year-old style maven – who recently sported a wig made of hair and melting plastic – treated her TikTok followers to a short video showing her many svelte looks.

Julia returns from the City of Lights with a variety of flips, punches and belly-kicks that showcase her fit physique.

One highlight was a black lace lingerie top which allowed the bombshell to shine a light on her bad ass, paired with a pair of black trousers which showed off a peek-a-boo at the back.

Fox will no doubt turn heads on the streets of her native New York City.

Gets Skimpy: Julia Fox returned from Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday and wowed fans in ‘secondhand vintage’ fashion from Paris
Tone and fashion: The 33-year-old style maven treated her Tik Tok followers to a short video featuring several looks.

The actress has become famous for taking huge risks with her personal beauty, which has catapulted her into the international fashion scene.

However, Fox recently slammed fashion’s biggest night in an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com.

She believes the Met Gala has grown out of its roots and is now a blatant display of nepotism.

If it was about fashion, I would be there, but it’s not. It’s about politics, rights, who your parents are and how much money you make,’ Fox said.

Then the fascist said that she wants to serve as an inspiration to future designers who want to make radical decisions in their craft: “I just want to tell people, ‘Don’t aspire to be like these people. [who went to the Met]Aspire to be yourself.

A little boy or girl is there. [who] They see me and are not ashamed – fashion and art is about vision,’ she said.

Fox floated the idea of ​​creating her own fashion-exciting event that could rival the Met Gala: “I want to support fashion designers. My friends and I are hoping to start our own gala and support people in need and single mothers,’ she said.

At an event in Cannes, Julia revealed that she was in pre-production on the film Lipstick Palm, which she wrote with her friend Sarah Apple.

Peek-a-boo: One highlight was a black lace lingerie top matched with black pants that featured a peek-a-boo at the back, allowing the bombshell to flash her perky butt.
Peek-a-boo: One highlight was a black lace lingerie top matched with black pants that featured a peek-a-boo at the back, allowing the bombshell to flash her perky butt.
Hidden Gems: The Uncut Gems Star Shops Unidentified Black Shirt With ‘Favorite’ Cross
Hidden Gems: Another great find is a Dior shirt with delicate black embroidery.
Sultry: Julia embraces the bordello vibe with JPG capris and pants and a sultry corset top.
Sultry: Fox finds Gualtier mesh dress ‘a little more expensive’ than the rest of her finds
Chic: Julia finally covered up in a black Mugler blazer.
Summary: The fashion 69 has got a bomber jacket, corduroy pants and a warm wooden jack hat.

Fox described the film as ‘The Weekend meets Spring Breakers at Bernie’s.’

‘It’s about these two girls and they’re in LA,’ Fox told Page 6 at Cannes for the charity Cruise of Elysium.

“They are classic,” she added. One is an aspiring actress, the other is the daughter of a narcissist – but her father has seven children, so the pool is depleted. They’re drug addicts, so they’re in recovery, but they’re always in and out. One has a sugar daddy.

‘There’s a dead body somewhere,’ she panicked.


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