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Kate Moss is enjoying her new position as the creative director at Diet Coke, but her favorite job is mom to Lila, 19, who is following in her mother’s modeling footsteps. While she forges her own path in the fashion industry, the teen is happy to listen to her mother’s advice in all areas of her life except for one: styling tips.

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Lila has happily discovered her mother’s couture closet, but there are a few things she refuses to wear, including a micro mini skirt with a hemline so short… well, either your underwear or butt is showing. Kate joked to British Vogue that Gen Y is “so prudish nowadays,” compared to her Gen-X mindset. The 48-year-old supermodel wouldn’t think twice about showing a body part, but it’s something her daughter worries about.

When Lila asked her mom if she should wear something to cover her nipples with a sheer top, her mom had an irreverent free-the-nipple response. “Never wear a pasty! That’s my advice to the younger generation,” she said. While Lila may prefer to keep her nipples hidden from the world, mom does want her daughter to have authentic freedom in her wardrobe choices. “They’re all scared to be themselves and I think they should dress as they want,” Kate revealed.

Kate is also making sure that there’s no pressure from her end when it comes to Lila’s career choices, she’s just here to offer guidance whether she continues modeling or pursues something else. “It’s up to her. I am leaving it up to her,” Kate told People. “I will support her obviously. I will be her momager! She can, if she wants to. I will support her in anything she wants to do.” Lila is lucky to have a mom who has her back — on and off the runway.

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