KFC Australia launched a new fashion line


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KFC, the famous fast food chain known for its fried chicken, has announced the launch of a new line of fashion accessories.

The collection features the brand’s distinctive red and white stripes and is modeled after the iconic KFC bucket. The line includes T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts as well as apparel such as hats, socks, bumbags and slides with KFC designs.

The new line will begin operations in Australia in 2022 after being introduced in the UK. The KFC Australia store is the only place to buy the new clothing line.

Proceeds from merchandise sales will benefit the mental health of Australian youth through the KFC Youth Foundation and its charity partners The Black Dog Institute, Reachout Australia and Whitelion.

As KFC works to diversify its brand beyond its classic fast food offerings, this new line of fashion accessories is on offer.

To celebrate the launch of the new merchandise range, KFC officially kicked off the fashion season with a runway show that showcased the entire line.

Sally Spriggs, Chief Marketing Officer of KFC Australia, said in a statement: “We’re thrilled to be putting KFC on the runway ahead of Sydney Fashion Week and we’re delighted to answer the call from our fans to bring this amazing merchandise. Profits from sales go to Australia to support the mental wellbeing of Australian youth through the KFC Youth Foundation.


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