Large-scale Humboldt cannabis business gets court-ordered receivership representation

San Diego, January 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As of late, the cannabis industry continues to wobble as cannabis business valuations continue to decline rapidly. The difficult conditions of 2022 have continuously forced industrial operators to close their operations and take their businesses to the open market. Green Life Business, an industry leader in Mergers & Acquisitions, has seen many operators looking to sell their cannabis businesses. As troubled cannabis businesses continue to hit the market, many of these businesses end up in the hands of court-ordered receivers.

Rather than raising red flags for operators and multi-state operators (MSO’s), court-ordered receiverships have proven to be a great opportunity for a large-scale operator or MSO to step in and acquire these distressed businesses. Cannabis businesses represented by a court-ordered receiver have a judge’s stamp of approval that frees the business from any previous debts or liabilities owed to the next owner. This is a great opportunity to capitalize on a clean canvas opportunity that offers upside and a very low entry point for the company. One example is a large-scale cannabis development, production and distribution business in one. Mecca of the California cannabis industry, Humboldt CA. This business has full vertical integration capabilities with options to buy real estate. The uncertainty of the 2022 market has disappointed operators to buy not only commercial but also real estate by project.

Although the year While 2022 was considered a roller coaster year not only for the cannabis industry but for many other industries, 2023 has started with a positive increase in activity across the industry. Proven to withstand recessions and epidemics, the cannabis industry will continue to experience steady growth. America Federal legalization is proposed. Acquisition opportunities continue to attract buyout groups because they open the door to strategic acquisitions during market downturns and fire-sale prices across the industry create a buyers’ market.

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