Local business owners, consumers have mixed opinions on the CDC’s social distancing measures

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) – “I think it’s good. It allows people to get out more,” said Makala Ivy. CCD Dropping social distancing guidelines is a welcome change for many.

But for others, it’s a different story.

“I feel apathy about it,” said Kerry Paul, owner of Brick and Spoon.

“It doesn’t matter much to us. We’re careful, we wash our hands,” Annie Hudson said. “We pay attention to our environment, but there are no big results.”

“I was already out, but knowing that they had dropped their instructions not to be would have kept me out. I still wear the mask because it’s for safety reasons,” said Ivy.

One big change for Brick & Spoon that remains on-site is their outdoor dining option on the patio.

“It was great because our customers had more space to eat and drink,” says Paul. “The community has wrapped their arms around us by supporting us again and being able to shop locally.”

And that is the hope. Businesses will continue to grow after restrictions are lifted.

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