Local farmers market vendors feel the pressure of rising business expenses

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Those in attendance for Wilmington’s Riverfront Farmers Market stuck it out in the rain Saturday to buy some of their favorite local goods.

For the local vendors though, the rain isn’t the biggest deterrent as of late. With rising prices on everything from gas to food to everyday items, those selling goods at the farmers market say everything is costing them more.

“Having to go through several other vendors, I’m having to buy more quantity to get a better deal. And even that better deal is still higher from the deals, you know, just even three months ago.” says vendor Jennifer Medary.

Medary owns and operates Kritter Couture & More, a local pet supplies business. She says she attends every Riverfront Farmers Market every Saturday morning, and says herself and other vendors are seeing these price hikes affect their sales.

“Us vendors are struggling in the sense that, we’re having customers come out but they might not necessarily be buying, you know, they’re interested in the product. They love the product, but it’s just not cost effective for them right now.” says Medary.

The recent jump in prices of goods needed to run their business is causing vendors to tick up their prices to make profit.

“It affects the bottom line because my profits are going to more supplies. So it’s always being put into the business. And so there’s never really a profit because I’m having to buy so much with the hopes that then I’ll be able to sell it.” says Medary.

While Medary says she’s getting adjusted to the change in costs of running her business, she says she and other vendors still receive great support from the community.

“Our community is amazing. We’re very lucky they love to support locals, they love to support artists we’re very grateful for that I do find that we get they come out more and more to support us they do the most that they can do for us so it almost grows our community and makes it stronger” says Medary.

The Riverfront Farmers Market is Wilmington’s longest running farmers market, held every Saturday morning until November 19th from 8am-1pm on Dock Street between 2nd and Water Streets in downtown.

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