Lucky Knit: Redefining Sustainable Fashion


Wondering how technology can help bring more sustainability to fashion? The Lucky Sweater app is a great example!

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As sustainability takes center stage in the fashion industry, Lucky sweater It emerges as a timeless luxury lamp and an endless source of style inspiration.

This one-of-a-kind shopping platform brings together a vibrant community of fashion lovers who exchange items from curated collections. Slow fashion brands. If you’re looking for a fun, eco-conscious way to refresh your wardrobe by connecting with like-minded fashion lovers, Lucky Sweater is the app for you.

Lucky Knit: Redefining Sustainable Consumption

Redefining sustainable consumption

Lucky Knits operates on a simple, yet dynamic concept: business fashion. With stunning pieces from sustainable brands like Mara Hoffman, Ula Johnson, Babaa, Christy Dawn and more, the platform empowers community members to upgrade their wardrobes by swapping instead of buying. By facilitating businesses, Lock Sweater promotes an environment where slow fashion thrives and waste is reduced, which aligns perfectly with Elux Magazine’s ethos of sustainable luxury.

Lucky Knit: Redefining Sustainable Consumption

The fun of ‘Swap Drops’: a weekly meeting

The weekly swap drop is one of the highlights of the Lucky Sweater community, a weekly community member looks forward to. New items are added to the platform every week, creating an exciting experience similar to a flash sale but a sustainable spin. Community members can view, request and exchange these items, adding a fun communal aspect to the trading experience.

A community focused on fashion

In addition to being a marketplace for businesses, Lucky Sweater hosts a thriving community. Here, community members can engage in fashion discussions, ask questions, share styling tips and learn from each other. Want to see how the Tradlands Cardigan is styled for a summer evening? Or are you curious about how to pair an Amor Vert tunic with your favorite jeans? The community section provides a collection of ideas directly from the closets of the app’s various members.

One of Lucky Sweater’s standout features is ‘Save Matches’. This feature allows community members to save their favorite items and receive notifications when a related item is available for sale. It’s a personal tool designed to make the search for the perfect piece easier and more fun.

And the fashion fun doesn’t end there! Lucky Knit has ‘Looks’ where you can catalog your outfit and tag the pieces you wear. Not only does this help you keep track of the versatility of your outfit, but it also helps the community see your style and get inspiration from others on the platform.

Fashion applications

New communities on the horizon

Soon, the platform plans to expand into new areas, including luxury wine and children’s slow fashion. We are excited that this move will amplify the impact of the slow fashion movement, expanding sustainable, luxury fashion to a wider audience.

Help change the fashion landscape

Lucky Knit combines the joy of discovering beautiful, slow fashion brands with the joy of swapping and shopping. Through this platform, reducing fashion waste becomes a fun, low-risk style discovery journey and community connection.

By joining Lucky Sweater, you can not only have a rotating wardrobe, but also be a part of a sustainable fashion revolution. Shop with us, and together, let’s make fashion that feels good and works well.

Lucky Knit: Redefining Sustainable Consumption

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And! Lucky Knits doesn’t have a community for slow sustainable brands. The group recently opened a space for handmade pieces and supplies.

So feel free to check out both community areas in the app!

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