Mark Cuban warns small businesses: You better embrace AI


Here are five things that happened in technology this week and how they will affect your business. Did you miss them?

1 – Mark Cuban urges small businesses to learn about AI to survive.

Chance He described recent comments by Mark Cuban at the Mackinac Policy Conference. The tech giant is worried that small businesses will have to educate themselves on artificial intelligence or be left behind by the competition. “You have to understand how AI will affect your business,” Cuban said. “You must be curious.” The subject of AI has raised many pros and cons, with others such as Elon Musk warning of the dire consequences if left unchecked. (Source: Business Insider)

Why this is important to your business:

He’s right and here’s how you can “school” yourself. Contact your financial, CRM and other technology software providers and brainstorm them on the AI ​​functions you find on the horizon. Some may already be released. Understand these features and deploy them where they make sense. These are companies that invest significant resources in AI because they want to keep you as monthly customers. So use their investments to make your business more efficient.

2 – A Tech Journalist Has Been Using Google’s New AI Search – Here’s What He Learned

CNET’s Imad Khan reviewed Google I/O – the company’s “experimental AI-integrated search engine.” By eliminating links, Google I/O consolidates multiple data sources into a single summary. “It moves Google from a data collection business to a data editing business,” Khan says. Compared to ChatGPT, it points out how Google’s technology is more organized – links to a series of questions are listed next to the search query. (Source: CNET)

Why this is important to your business:

Overall, Khan is giving a thumbs up to how Google I/O is changing the web search experience. This initial testing phase is scheduled to last until the end of December. Users can register now to get early access.

3 – Visier launches new AI assistant Ven to provide insights into your workforce.

Visier – a Vancouver-based workforce analytics platform – has launched “V”. The generative AI assistant will reportedly allow the use of verbatim or so-called “natural language” queries. Users receive instant data related to human resources, problem-solving analytics or risk assessment information. Vee provides assistance with reports in the data analysis area. (Source: Cisco)

Why this is important to your business:

See my comment on Mark Cuban above. A perfect example of a forward-thinking software vendor releasing new AI functionality. If I were their client, I would learn all about these features and how they help my HR process. Most good HR platforms do things like this so make sure your HR managers are in close contact with these providers.

4 TikTok bets on e-commerce – aims to quadruple sales this year

Connie Diaz de Terran of Payments Journal It broke TikTok’s plan to grow its ecommerce business from $4.4 billion to $20 billion globally. Bloomberg Reports. As ecommerce accelerates into the realm of social media – where buyers follow a specific influencer who endorses a product (for example), the product is found and purchased in just a few clicks. Tik Tok Shop highlights a growing trend in social commerce as it aims to compete with Amazon as an online shopping portal. (Source: Payments Journal)

Why this is important to your business:

Political concerns aside, TikTok is a huge social media platform and if your products target their demographic (generally under 40, but the user age group is starting to grow) then you might want to consider using these e-commerce tools. on their platform to drive more sales.

5 – LinkedIn launches new marketing measurement tools.

LinkedIn – a networking platform for businesses and independent professionals – has 3 new tools for business savvy people looking to test their marketing efforts. (Source: Demand General Report)

Why this is important to your business:

According to LinkedIn, the CMO Scoreboard evaluates a brand’s effectiveness against creative output, media presence and performance metrics. The second tool – the B2B Index – provides businesses with an integrated score of innovation, “brand building and brand investment”. The B2B leaderboard identifies the “most successful” brands by measuring buyer interest in a brand’s creative and paid marketing investments.

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