Maternity style of Ashley Graham Aces in appropriate string bikinis and steps

No question: Ashley Graham is in cloud nine for her second baby on the way.

The pregnant supermodel stretched her things into a new selfie, which she did published on August 18, 33-year-old Ashley was decorated in a little bikini, printed in clouds, with stormy Crocs that matched perfectly with her blue look of bliss. “The shoes are appropriate,” she writes proudly.

Her swimsuit ensemble also included a teenage hat with a bucket, because this mom nailed all the TikTok fashion trends. Ashley with accessories with a chic beaded necklace, her accumulated gold earrings, gold ankle and even some belly beads dressed around the baby. In one photo, she added a cloud mesh cover for her day in the sun.

Of course, her tropical vacation was not complete without sliced ​​mangoes, fried plantains and crispy fish, as seen in her Instagram Story.

The self-described “hot mother” (I can’t argue with that) announced in July that she and husband Justin Erwin they are waiting for their second little one. She wrote on Insta, “the past year has been full of little surprises, big sorrows, familiar beginnings and new stories. I’m just starting to process and celebrate what this next chapter means to us. ” They they welcomed their firstborn,, Isaac, in January 2020

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