Men’s Health Month encourages men and boys to take charge of their overall health.


It’s June. Men’s Health Month.

“It’s a campaign to raise awareness so that men and women can make healthy lifestyle decisions and take proper control of their health,” said Dr. Nancy Yun, chief medical officer of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department.

Males are less likely to survive than females. And black and American Indian men are less likely to live.

From 79.9 years in 2020 to 0.8 years in 2021, the birth age of women has decreased to 79.1 in 2021. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Male life expectancy has decreased by a full year – from 74.2 years in 2020 to 73.2 in 2021.

Yun said Men’s Health Month is a time for men to focus on prevention.

“It’s a good month to see your doctor, get your preventive screenings, and focus on what you can do to live a healthy life.”

According to Yun, men should not only think about how to be physically healthy, but also mentally.

Department of Health website, Mental Health417.comIt allows people to assess their mental health. It also offers resources – such as a list of providers and tips for tackling mental wellbeing.


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