Mental Health Services: County signs contract with service provider


County officials have selected a new mental health provider for more than 400 county employees and eligible family members.

Full-time county employees are allowed three free in-person visits with CenterStone Behavioral Health Therapists before their insurance is covered for subsequent visits.

But as of July 1, Centerstone will no longer provide these services to county employees. That prompted the commissioners to sign a deal with CuraLinc Healthcare, a Chicago-based behavioral health and wellness provider, to offer online mental health treatment.

Instead of three free visits, Curalink offers up to eight free visits to the employee or eligible family member before insurance kicks in. From dealing with addictive behaviors and addictive behaviors to managing work-life balance, Kuralink strives to address a wide range of issues. In personal matters, such as HR University’s online website.

Instead of traditional face-to-face therapy, Curalink uses licensed counselors called coaches to share text messages, voice memos, tips and videos to promote emotional competence and well-being, according to the website.

Commissioner Larry Kleinhenz said he believes these types of services are increasingly in demand.

“I like that it’s telehealth, and I think the use will go up because of that,” Kleinhenz said. “It’s easier to find and talk to people online than to wait an hour to meet in someone’s office.”

The arrangement between Bartholomew County Government and Curalink, administered by Dunn & Associates, may be terminated upon 90 days’ written notice.

In the year During and after the 2020 pandemic, vast numbers of people reported psychological distress and symptoms of depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder, according to the World Health Organization. Suicidal thoughts and behaviors were a concern, including among health care workers.

The cost of the CuraLink program will be the same as what the county has been paying CenterStone for face-to-face treatment, said County Auditor Pia O’Connor.


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