National Collaborative Healthcare Innovation (NCCHI) | VA Palo Alto Health Care


National Collaborative Healthcare Innovation (NCCHI) is a dynamic initiative led by the VA in partnership with the VA Innovation Ecosystem (VA IE) to transform healthcare through collaboration and innovation.

By bringing together healthcare professionals, technologists, industry leaders and veterans, NCCHI fosters a collaborative ecosystem that fosters the development and implementation of transformative healthcare solutions.

The center’s focus is on technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, augmented reality (XR) and telehealth to create a more efficient, accessible and patient-oriented healthcare system for veterans.

NCCHI actively engages its partners in developing valuable ideas and solutions to address evolving challenges in healthcare. With a strong focus on empowering veterans and incorporating their unique perspectives, NCCHI is shaping the future of health care by driving continuous improvement at the VA and delivering the highest quality care to those who have served our nation.


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