Netflix series ‘Tech-Mex Motors’ highlights car restoration in El Paso


A new Netflix series is highlighting not only El Paso, but the city’s local talent as well.

The Netflix series “Tech-Mex Motors” follows two car enthusiasts who search for underpriced cars in Mexico to bring back to the United States and sell them.

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Marcos “Scooter” Carrera, one of the creators and stars of the show, hopes that the series will bring more positive projects to Borderland.

“I’m very proud of Borderland and I want the whole world to see it the way I see it, which is what the theme of the show is,” Carrera said.

Carrera said it hasn’t completely hit him that the series is on an international platform like Netflix.

“A few days ago and I was like wow, this is huge, this is huge and not only for myself but for Borderlands the way I see it,” Carrera said.

Carrera added that he hopes “Tex-Mex Motors” will highlight a different El Paso than people are used to hearing about in the news.

“I want more positive things to come to the Borderland issue, which translates into more work, for the world to see the way we really are, to remove the bad stigma that we have, so this is a way to shine a light. A ‘dark place,’ outsiders see it that way, you know what I mean.” Carrera explained.

The series not only restores the cars on the frontier, but also highlights the desire of the local El Pasos to get their hands on an iconic car.

Part two of the series follows KFOX14 photojournalist Richard Zamora and his daughter Hazel as they search for her first car.

“My daughter, she’s into classic cars and loves these classic Mustangs, so we’re so crazy that we came across a cool Mustang at this show,” Zamora said.

Zamora eventually bought his daughter a 1966 Ford Mustang GT.

He shared that it was a surreal experience to have their purchase filmed on a Netflix series.

“When you’re a kid growing up, your first car is a big thing, so to have a show on Netflix, I mean, man, I don’t even know how good words can describe the feeling. I’m glad I was able to share that with my son,” Zamora said.

Meanwhile, El Paso Film and Creative Industries Commissioner Drew Mayer-Oaks said projects like these could attract more show producers and ultimately bring more attention to the city, which would help the local economy.

I am very happy that it is on a wide international platform like Netflix and we hope that we will get another chapter or other projects. ” said Meyer-Ochs.

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