‘Northwestern fits’ Instagram account features fashion outfits on campus ‘Northwestern fits’ Campus Fashion

Weinberg freshman Nicholas Hogg was walking out of seminary in a pair of ripped jeans, a plain white tee, a navy cardigan and a Vivienne Westwood necklace when he caught the eye of the Instagram page @nufitss.

“I didn’t expect a photo to be taken, which is the beauty of the site,” Hogg said.

From Patrick Bateman-inspired raincoats to Comme de Garçon bags, corsets and more, the student-run Instagram page has garnered more than 400 followers by highlighting the unique fashion choices Northwestern students make each morning.

The @nufitss team caught up with communications sophomore Sam Webster at the Norris University Center and by the end of the day, Webster was featured on the page. Between the site’s fashion history discussions and weekly Hot Friday discussions, Webster’s strawberry-hued cottage-core collection marks the 45th featured garment to appear on the label.

“I was eating a sandwich, and a very handsome man approached me,” Webster said. “Ever since I found him on Instagram, I’ve had a long-standing goal of getting on that page, so I was terrified.”

The page was created by Medill freshman Josephine White, who was inspired to start the page after her brother was seen on the same account @watchingvassar at Vassar College.

As a freshman in high school, she entered the world of fashion as a means of self-discovery while attending an all-white, predominantly white high school. With style inspiration from Mugler to Pinterest boards, White’s personal style became a mix of versatile streetwear and pencil skirts.

“I really like fashion – it’s just about wearing different clothes,” White said. “(@nufitss) was hoping it would be a place for Northwestern students to connect through fashion.”

Rock-inspired archival fashion — crossed with classic Americana — is the fashion taste of Weinberg freshman Malcolm Gittens, who joined the @nufitss team after helping white campus look-alike clothing features.

Gittens now creates fashion history posts for the label, but his interest in fashion was sparked by the need for a creative outlet and seeing fashion legend Vivienne Westwood’s 1993-1994 “Anglomania” Fall-Winter collection.

“I was always in a family that was very involved in economics and work and school,” Gittens said. “But for me, I’ve always wanted to express creativity in some way. It showed me that clothing can be fun and artistic and fun.

Once White or Gatens find a good outfit on campus, they ask the person for a photo and send the photo to their review board to begin the vetting process.

Board member and Weinberg freshman Alec Easter, who often dons a workwear style composed of Carhartt and Dickies, says balance is what makes a good outfit.

“I like to emphasize that diversity does not necessarily mean conformity,” Easter said. “For me, it’s a balance between making something new and[inventing]something that still comes together and looks like a garment.”

Although their personal styles differ, the moderators agree that the student body needs more variety in winter clothing. The @nufitss team would like to see more leg warmers, trench coats and fur coats around campus and less Canada Goose coats.

The page shares the same online space with Northwestern’s student fashion account @northwesterngarb, which aims to highlight Northwestern’s student expression through dress.

In the midst of Northwestern’s time-crunched quarter system, @nufitss moderators say they hope to make their page a community space beyond sharing the student body’s best outfits, planning on-the-go interviews and clothing shopping tips.

“It’s just a matter of finding time, but there’s a lot of potential,” White said. I know we have a lot of ideas so I look forward to seeing what the page grows into.

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