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Brandon B. L., MD in St. Louis, Missouri, and is a double board certified cosmetic dermatologist and Mohs micrograph surgeon at St. Louis Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, attended business school and medical school in St. Louis, Missouri. In his session, “Growing a Successful Mohs Practice: SEO, Social Media, Etc.,” he enjoyed sharing his insights on integrating both interests in his practice’s tech startups. At the 2023 American College of Mohs Surgery meeting in Seattle, Washington.

Beal was arrested Dermatology Times® After the session, the team will review the software and resources available to dermatology practice owners.

Dermatology TimesTell us about your focus in the session “Growing a Successful Mohs Practice: SEO, Social Media, etc.”

Beal: My role is to establish the foundation for your operations and develop your environment, IT infrastructure, financial infrastructure, standard operating procedures and key performance indicators. Basically, I focus on the foundation and backbone of an exercise and how to prepare it.

Dermatology TimesHow do you get started with developing the right technology for your practice?

Beal: You know, people in medical school or residency say, “Well, I wasn’t ready to start practice.” Well, I went to business school and business school doesn’t prepare you either. So, he’s doing it. It’s about putting one foot in front of the other and being willing to fail and constantly learning. Practice can be started; Many people have done it. It’s hard work, but it’s something we can all do if we want to.

Dermatology TimesWhere does a clinic start in developing secure office management technology in your practice?

Beal: The best thing is, it’s actually quite simple. We use Google Shared Drive. [at St. Louis Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery.] We have G-Suite that provides secure HIPAA compliance with compliance. We have the ability to share drives and restrict who can see certain files or access certain folders. If a person is no longer employed by us, we may change those settings to limit or remove that access. It is very simple and tidy.

Dermatology TimesWhat resources are available to dermatologists and Mohs surgeons to ensure cybersecurity and compliance?

Beal: The best part is that there are so many great resources out there. The Derm Starter Group is part of Facebook’s Certified Dermatology Group, and that’s a great resource. AAD has all your compliance packages that tell you how to get started with your CLIA lab, HIPAA, OSHA, HITECH and more. The AAD does a fantastic job providing that information to dermatologists, and those are great places to start.

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1. Beal B, Collins K, Mina M, Vélez N. Growing a successful Mohs practice: SEO, social media, etc. 2023 American College of Mohs Surgery Meeting; May 4-7, 2023; Seattle, WA


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