Pharrell and Louis Vuitton accused of stealing her ideas by fashion designer


Pharrell is having a ball as Louis Vuitton’s head designer, though it hasn’t come without scrutiny of late. What’s more, an independent fashion designer, Kelly Ford, recently revealed that Neptunes Creations and LV stole her bag idea as part of their new collection. In a Tiktoks series, she details how she went viral in 2021 by transforming a shopping bag from a brand to a stylish bag. Additionally, Ford made connections between the look of the item and the new accessory in question, also inspired by a shopping bag. No matter where you fall on the argument, it’s hard to deny that the issue is bleak.

First, as many have pointed out in the comments on the cover of the lawsuit, the designer used Louis Vuitton’s image in the first place. However, it is unclear whether Ford intended to make a profit by selling the bag, so the copyright claims may not have any standing. Dapper Dan was one of the many who admired him and started doing the same internship with Gucci and eventually started working for them. Between the diversity of the material, questions over creative credit, and the apparently viral nature of the video, there’s a lot to be discussed here as to whether or not Pharrell should bite the bullet.

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Kelly Ford accuses Pharrell and Louis Vuitton of biting them.

In any case, it is not entirely correct to think that these two gifted inventors had the same idea independently. After all, what easier way to motivate yourself to make a bag than to look at another bag, even if it’s a purchase? As it is (and after Ford says she’s not upset about it), it’ll be interesting to see if this escalates into something bigger. Hopefully, the designer will follow the same path as others and eventually she will be able to work in a fashion brand, because her creativity will surely benefit.

Meanwhile, the star producer is turning heads everywhere he goes at Paris Fashion Week. After the star show, his first forays into Louis Vuitton are proving to be very successful. Still, many people hope that the 50-year-old will at least show love to Kelly Ford. For more updates and latest news on Pharrell, stay tuned HNHH.

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