Pitch Deck mental-health startup Uwill to use for $30 million Series A


  • Some startups are focused on making mental-health services accessible to patients.
  • Zero in on making sure college students have access to those treatments.
  • The company announced in May that it was considering a $30 million Series A round.

They have digital health startups focused on mental health He collected billions of dollars In recent years.

Although many of them are focused on cooperation with employers to provide Mental health benefits for employees or on Connecting patients directly with medical professionalsA company is playing on a relatively untapped patient population.

Michael London, founder and CEO of Uwill.

Michael London, founder and CEO of Uwill.

It’s late

It’s lateIn the year Founded in 2020, it focuses on providing virtual mental health services to college students. Instead of working with insurers or companies, the company partners with colleges to provide a platform where students can connect with licensed mental-health professionals and access wellness practices like yoga and meditation.

The company has partnered with more than 150 schools, including the University of Michigan, Dartmouth College and the University of San Francisco. London told Insider that UWIL expects to generate $15 million in revenue by 2023, and about 75,000 students will use the platform.

While A lot of competition in mental health Michael London, founder and CEO of UWIL, told INSIDER that UWIL’s edge is its deep background and understanding of higher education.

“Everything we do, our counselors, our technology, everything is student-centered,” London said. “So if someone from another type of healthcare comes in, they don’t have the customer understanding that we do.”

Prior to UWIL, London launched companies focused on education technology, including Test, an online testing platform and college coach, which today owns Bright Horizons Family Solutions.

In May, Uwill announced It has raised a $30 million Series A round from Education Growth Partners, an education-focused firm.

Before sharing his presentation with insiders, he removes financial details from the pitch he used to raise the Serie A round.


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