Planets align, Twitter exorcisms and Oracle reductions


It’s finally Friday my friends. I’m Diamond Naga Siu. Huge thanks to my wonderful colleagues Hallam Bullock, Nathan Reynolds and Lara O’Reilly for covering the paper while I was away.

Back to work, I’m playing a 24/7 live stream of the I-95 highway being rebuilt after a section collapsed over the weekend. I find the build stream soothing to play in the background.

But my colleague Sonam Sheth was confused as to why hundreds of people were watching.

Now, let’s dive into today’s technique.

Amazon’s doubling of its warehouse footprint during the pandemic has recently allowed it to shift to a regional shipping model to cut costs, an executive told the Wall Street Journal.
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1. Amazon plans to make more items eligible for free shipping. Amazon is relaunching the seller’s entire Prime program. It allows sellers to ship Prime-eligible products directly instead of going through Amazon warehouses.

  • This setup means Amazon lists more items that qualify for free Prime shipping without having to expand warehouses significantly.
  • Amazon says sellers who want to join the program must now go through a trial period. They ship over 99% of their orders on time with less than 0.5% order cancellation rate.
  • My colleague Eugene Kim has the details of the program, which he presented in his latest story.

Read the full report.

In other news:

solar system.
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2. The five planets align this week. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune line up close together on one side of the Sun this week. It is a very rare occurrence. Here’s when, where and how to watch it.

3. Canceled Employment Offers and Layoffs at Oracle. The ailing health department cut hundreds of jobs on Thursday. The job cuts come amid ongoing problems with a massive government project. More on evictions here.

4. Employees don’t really want to go back to the office. Remote workers have anonymously shared the lengths they will go to continue working from home. This includes a 20% fee reduction. See what else they’ve sacrificed here.

5. Twitter is moving out of its Colorado office. The company reportedly went months without paying rent. And now, the Colorado owners have the legal authority to evict the company. More on tenant issues here.

6. AI helped Ikea design the “sofa in an envelope”. The portable sofa weighs only 22 pounds and requires no tools to assemble. In addition, it can be configured in more than 30 different ways. Check out folding furniture here.

7. CEOs share the following. Insider spoke with 33 CEOs at prominent companies about how fast-growing trends are affecting their leadership. They discussed technology, sustainability, DEI and more. Get into their perspective here.

8. Mercedes-Benz + ChatGPT. The automaker has announced a pilot program that will test this partnership. About 900,000 drivers are allowing full conversations with their vehicles. More here.

Odds and Ends:

A pod or orca, or killer whale, with a baby orca.
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9. Orca sightings every day in Spain and Portugal. Orca sightings are most frequent off the coast of Spain and Portugal. They have become more common in recent months and may continue to increase. To know more.

10. The US spends about $1 billion annually on Russia’s nuclear program. Many US companies depend on Russia’s cheap nuclear fuel to produce clean energy. The money goes to Russia’s state nuclear agency. Read more.

What we are looking at today:

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