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What to know

  • Festival Runway Fashion Show at the Art Field Festival in Laguna Beach
  • Sunday, August 21 from noon to 3 p.m
  • Weekend admission to the Arts Festival is $15. Fashion show seating is first come, first served; Reserved seats are available for $30

Is a super chic and futuristic get-up spied on some far-flung fashion runways? You may take a long time to appreciate the outfit and own the look, but chances are you won’t be able to get the outfit anytime soon.

But the fashion scene is ahead, in Laguna Beach, most of the materials used for clothing are probably in your kitchen, bathroom and waste at this point.

The Festival of the Arts is a runway fashion show, an over-the-top affair that prompts creative types to cobble together collections from everyday items that would normally be trashed or recycled.

And we’re talking all kinds of “recycled, recycled, and reclaimed material”: think compact discs, coffee filters, plastic and paper bags, boxes, and anything else currently lying around your home.

In the past, PVC pipes were used to make festive garlands and artfully cut window screens. And sparkling La Croix water cans? Those, in turn, add a glimmer of light to vintage dresses.

In 2020 and 2021 The prestigious event that took him on, cooking up haute couture with common items, took place in 2010. On August 21st, he’ll be back to doing some eye-popping stuff.

“The Festival Park Fashion Show is one of the most popular events of the summer and we’re excited to bring it back this year,” said Sharby Higuchi, director of marketing and public relations for the arts festival.

“This event never disappoints, even after all these years, the creativity and innovation of our festival artists keeps it fresh with many surprises!”

Cash prizes will be awarded in four surprising categories, with themes that the artists keep in mind when creating their whimsical fashions: most innovative concept, most innovative use of materials, most attractive and elegant (and ready for the Met Gala) and A Current One: Next to the 2022 Art Festival. A “Wonderful World” inspired category for the Teacher Contest theme.

Emmy-nominated film production designer Nelson Coates is the 2022 host, with a panel of judges drawn from entertainment, fashion and design and the adjacent season.

Entering an art festival on Sunday? It’s $15. Get there early for the fashion show as seats on the runway are snapped up well before the fun and comedy starts.

If you want to reserve a seat for $30, you can; Here’s more information on how to do it.


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